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2 days 6 hours to the Paralympics – Uhh… I lost a day?

March 10, 2010

And I’m not sure where I put it.  But somehow my countdown was off by one full day.  Drat!  Sorry about that folks.  Anyway, I’m properly reporting the countdown now.  It’s really only 2 days until the Opening Ceremonies of the Paralympics (the 6 hours is until the actual start of the Ceremonies at 6pm).  And now I’m going to admit to messing something else up as well… I want to go to the Opening Ceremonies of the Paralympics, I’ve said this before.  Well, I was waiting to buy tickets until I knew who wanted to go with me.  I waited long enough that I missed the discount tickets for volunteers… and now I’ve just discovered that I’ve missed tickets for every section but the most expensive!  I’m so thrilled that they’re selling so well but I’m annoyed as heck at myself that I was so lackadaisical about buying the silly tickets!  Well, I hope I can still get some… I’ll keep trying… sigh.

*     *     *     *     *

Working in the Village I’m learning more about mobility impairments and techniques and equipment used to make accessibility easier for all.  I have learned a lot about some times of accessibility from spending time with my aunt Melinda who has MS, but there are a lot of different sorts of impairments and a lot of different things that can be done to improve accessibility for everyone.  Christine, one of my fellow volunteers in the Salt Building, has a visual impairment and has a background in educating and planning accessibility for everyone.  It has been really educational to be exposed to so many options, to accessibility improvements that are well done to ones that need improvement.  For example – there are ramps all over the village.  Into buildings and to the streets.  However, Christine noted that little knobs or lumps on the ends of railings would make it easier for visually impaired people to tell when a railing starts and ends.  I am constantly amazed at what sorts of things help and what sorts of things hinder.  There are so many things to think of.

*     *     *     *     *

Eeek!  I need to run out the door!  Thank you merci for reading!!

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  1. March 11, 2010 8:26 am

    I am also an Olympic & Paralympic volunteer. I was at the Stadium for the Olympics and on a small and special team that marshalled the athletes for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. It was the BEST time!

    I also have MS and I am carrying the Paralympic Flame in the wee hours of the 24 hour torch relay on Friday morning. I’ll be at the Opening Ceremonies later in the day and also at a special Paralympic Torch Relay Celebration at the Livecity Downtown site on Friday afternoon. It’s a chance for people to come and meet the Torchbearers. (I believe this is open to the public, as far as I know…)

    It’s okay that you lost a day. I think we are all in a bit of a timewarp. All Olympics/paralympics, all the time! It’s hard not to be!

    • 2010vanfan permalink
      March 11, 2010 10:44 am

      So exciting that you’re carrying the Torch!! What a wonderful opportunity, even if it is the wee hours of the morning!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it!


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