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Olympics Day 15 – With Glowing Hearts

February 27, 2010

The energy and excitement continues to build in Vancouver.  My day started with breakfast on Granville Island with my parents and some family friends.  Then the guys went to the USA-Finland game and my Mom, Jo-Anne and I headed to LiveCity Yaletown.  I finally made it to LiveCity Yaletown and really loved it.  We were able to get in with only the tiniest of waits in line.  We didn’t go into the Coca-Cola pavilion mind you as the line for that was about an hour long, but we did look around at a few things.  We visited the Lane House, Vancouver Pavilion, the Acer Pavilion and the Samsung dogs.    From there we stopped for a snack and a beverage before going and meeting the guys again after the game.

Jo-Anne and I at LiveCity Yaletown.

Jo-Anne and I trying out the Samsung dogsleigh!

I headed home to meet up with my brother and Justin to head to the Canada-Slovakia game at 6:30pm, and wow was it a crazy game.  The Canadians started really strong but it certainly was a nerve-wracking last 6 minutes.  But as I’m sure you’ve already heard, Canada did prevail and we’ll be meeting the Americans in the Gold Medal game.  It’s going to be mayhem!!  When we left the game the guys were heading to a pub but I had to get home to change to meet my friend Nick at the Club Bud Under Armor party at the Commodore Ballroom for lessons on how to work as media on a red carpet.

The crowd at the Canada-Slovakia Game.

Salute from Slovakia, the crowd absolutely roared! And they totally deserved it, they played like champions!! What a great game!

Lacy Schnoor from the US Freestyle Aerials team

This was definitely an educational experience.  Nick had himself set-up on the far side of the carpet, right past the main interviewer and camera.  In this position Nick could get photos and was occasionally able to ask for an interview as well.  I was introduced to the folks around the area and shown where a girl was standing with a dry erase board, she was important because she’d write the name of the next person coming down the red carpet on it, as well as often their sport, and if they weren’t American, their country.  There were a lot of American athletes there, and I suppose that makes sense as Budweiser is an United States Olympic Committee sponsor.   I saw some athletes I didn’t know but also some I did, including Michelle Kwan, Tara Lapinski and more. I had a plan to meet my other friend Patti at 1am (I’ll explain that in a minute) and I needed to go home to change my shoes (should have worn my comfy heels!) so I said my goodbyes at midnight, or tried to.  As I said goodbye to Sonny, who was in charge of access to the event, he asked if I had been upstairs, which I hadn’t at all, but he brought me in so I made sure to spend some time checking things out upstairs.  I couldn’t take any photos, as it was a private party and somewhere for the athletes to relax but it was interesting.  Lots of Budweiser on tap of course, but there were also break dancers, go-go dancers (is that what you call skinny kids on podiums? anyway, there were guys and girls which seemed very politically correct), and generally just a lot of hanging out and having fun.  I only had 15 minutes inside before I had to go but it looks like it was a fun party.

Nick and I on the Club Bud red carpet.

I will add though that it was sometimes hard to pay attention to the red carpet as Granville Street was rocking all night.  The crowd was singing, and dancing and waving flags and generally boisterous and wonderful.  If you have a chance to get downtown tonight or tomorrow, make sure that you do.  You really, really don’t want to miss this energy!!

One away from all the way!! Force Fate - Nike's latest ad campaign fully supported by the crowd on Granville and Robson!

I did manage to get home and change my shoes just as Patti arrived at my house.  She had heard (several times) from CTV that they would be recording something to the ‘I Believe’ song at the Olympic Cauldron at 2am and they had invited the public down to participate.  Well, we made it before 2am and waited, in the rain, until just after 2:30am, with absolutely no word from anyone as to the plan or delays or what was going on.  I got pretty cold and damp so we headed out then.  Patti emailed me later in the morning (she is a serious night owl) to say they were reporting that they were about to start… at 4am!!  Two hours after they asked the public down.  I’m sad to have missed it but really would have appreciated better communication.  Anyhow, I had a great time visiting with Patti, plus I found $5 on the ground!  So really it was a lovely night, it was wonderful to see the cauldron in the dark.

The Olympic Cauldron!

That’s about it for now.  Hope you’re all enjoying every second of the Olympics!  Be proud of your country, your athletes and yourselves.  This is what it’s all about!  With glowing hearts…

Thank you merci!


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