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Olympics Day 12 – Two hockey Games and some craft hour

February 24, 2010

I am constantly amazed at how each day turns out.  It’s never quite as I expect.  Day 12 started fairly normally, I got up and started writing, went to the bank to ensure my account manager was satisfied with everything before the end of the RSP contribution time (end of February) and then back home to join my family for the noon men’s ice hockey game between Switzerland and Belarus (yes, I just said ‘ice hockey’ instead of ‘hockey’, I’ve obviously been around the Olympics too long… as if field hockey gets to be called just ‘hockey’ in Canada, jeez… 😉 ).  It was a really great game!  Belarus put up some fierce competition for the Swiss and in my opinion the fans of Belarus out-cheered the Swiss fans by at least two to one!  The game went to overtime, and then to a shootout!  This is about when I realised that my volunteer shift at the Olympic Village was supposed to start in 20 minutes so I took off, nearly sprinting from the building, and missing the shootout entirely.  I am assured though that Switzerland won in the end.

At the game. There were still a lot of Team Canada jerseys in the crowd but a happy mix of fans for both teams.

I did manage to make it to the Village on time, only to discover upon check-in at the workforce desk that they didn’t have me scheduled.  So I went in checked in the Salt Building, and sure enough, I had had the shift cut the week before but had somehow missed it!  I do like my volunteer work but I wasn’t too sad to get to head home.  My brother had friends from Alberta coming over to visit and my plan had been to try to get off a bit early anyway so that I could go to the 9pm hockey game, so heading home was pretty perfect!  Since it was raining I hopped onto the Skytrain to Granville, then Canada Line to Yaletown (I love this city!) and as I was exiting the Station in Yaletown Dave, the pilot, saw me.  This was perfect timing.  He was hanging out downtown by himself as his in-laws, Chris and Cheryl, were at the Canada – Germany game.  I was on my way home to a party to watch the game so I dragged Dave along for the fun!

And boy was it fun!  We had a serious house full!  There were ten people for a while!  My parents, me, Dave, Justin, my brother and his friends Kevin, Anna, Aubrey and Leslie.  The hockey game was on the television.  Anna and Leslie were crafting signs for Thursday’s women’s gold medal game on the floor, my mom cooked asparagus, potatoes and more while the guys managed to cook steaks for everyone by rotating them through the grill.  We had a fabulous dinner, followed by a really great cake that the Albertans had found at Ganache on their way to our place (totally great cake! 🙂 ).  And then it was time to head back to Canada Hockey Place for the last game of the night, Slovakia versus Norway!  And our seats??  You can’t get much better than this!

Lesley and Anna crafting up some great signs for the Women's Gold Medal game!

The very yummy cake - decorated to welcome my brother back to Canada.

Yup, we were this close!

Close enough to see the white beach ball on the ice!

Tony, Kevin and Anna - we're not happy to be here at all eh?

It was a great day overall!  With more to come!  Thank you merci!

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  1. February 24, 2010 9:47 am

    Boy, what an exciting day for you all. All these goings on with family and friends and you still have time to share with this with us. For that we are truly grateful.
    Go Canada Go!

  2. Vicki Y permalink
    February 24, 2010 10:55 am

    Can’t wait for tomorrow and the 2010vanfan clan! Go CANADA Go!
    See you for more Women’s ICE HOCKEY GLORY I HOPE!!!!!

    • 2010vanfan permalink
      February 25, 2010 9:42 pm

      So glad you could make it to the game. It was AWESOME!! Gold Canada Gold!!!

  3. Norman Zeer permalink
    February 24, 2010 3:33 pm

    Hello Andrea 🙂

    Yes, I’m still following your Olympic journey with you. Keep it up, you’re over halfway through the Olympics. Than I can see you deserving to take a much-needed break before the Paralympics begin!

    Tony is, if I remember from our one and only conversation during your pre-Olympic walk with the 2010VanFan followers, here from Germany to join your family while the Games are in action?

    I would imagine that during the break between the Olympics & Paralympics, you will have a 2010 VanFan get-together? Please……….

    Well,just 1 hour to go before the Men’s Canadian Hockey team takes on the Russians. So I will say good-bye for now & wish you the very best!



    • 2010vanfan permalink
      February 25, 2010 9:41 pm

      Hi Norman,
      Yup, my brother Tony came from Germany to visit us and the Games. It’s been great having him here. And yes, I’m planning on at least a Paralympic Photo Scavenger Hunt probably on Saturday, March 6. I’ll try to get more information together soon and I look forward to seeing you again!
      Go Canada Go!!

  4. Nancy permalink
    February 24, 2010 4:58 pm

    Hi Andrea,
    I agree that the friendship showed during the medal ceremony for the ice dancers. I thought that was a very touching, a very “Olympic” moment too!!! You sure are enjoying all things Olympic!!! Way to go!!!
    Smithers, BC

    • 2010vanfan permalink
      February 25, 2010 9:38 pm

      Thanks for reading and commenting Nancy! I hope you’re enjoying your Olympic experience!! And I hope Smithers is warming up nicely for you! Nearly spring! Yay!


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