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Olympics Day 9 – Aerials at Cypress and the get-together

February 21, 2010

5am came way to early today.  Really it was only 2 hours after I went to sleep so it was really really early!  And why was I up so early?  Well, we had tickets to Women’s Aerials at Cypress at 10am.  And that’s late enough that 5am seems a bit excessive, considering we just live downtown, but the latest I could get us onto the Olympic Bus Network was 6:35am from Lonsdale Quay.  To be there on time we figured we had to leave the house at 5:30am.  That would give us enough time to walk to Waterfront (and stop for coffee on the way), take SeaBus across Burrard Inlet and then find our way to our bus on the North Shore.  And we just barely made it on time!  But made it we did and we got onto our bus quite quickly.

The trip up to Cypress went quickly and we unloaded onto the hill before the sun made it to the slopes.  It was chilly!  And the lineup was really long.  They hadn’t opened the gates yet when we arrived so my mom and I danced and marched to try to stay warm, but then the sun started peeking over the mountains and the line started to move and it took nearly no time at all to get up to and through security.  I don’t think I mention the volunteers as much as I really should.  The volunteers are wonderful.  They all work so hard, and if we had to be up at 5am to attend the event then the volunteers would have had to leave home much earlier.  And they were smiling and happy and welcoming and lovely as always.  Heck, one of the volunteers had the line doing the wave!  What a wonderful way to start the morning.

We walked into the venue and got in line for food, as we hadn’t had breakfast yet.  And let me tell you, it was a breakfast of champions!  Hot dogs and pizza before 9am, crazy!  We ate our ‘breakfast’ as we stood in line for the merchandise.  Yes, I am collecting pins from the venues I go to but we also needed cowbells too!  With breakfast in our bellies and cowbells around our necks we headed into the General Admission area to get ourselves set to watch the competition.  The General Admission area is quite good, and other than having slightly cold feet standing on the snow, the sun and proximity of a lot of bodies kept me quite happily warm.

The whole family up at Cypress. Look at that sun!

Aerials is quite neat to watch.  The women can really twist and turn in the air and it’s amazing that they land on their skis!  If I tried going off of one of the jumps I would scream a lot and land in a messy heap.  Luckily, the landing area is prepared with soft fluffy snow piles.  It seemed like the volunteers and course marshalls had to ‘repair’ the landing area a lot, but we learned it is because they maintain a really loose snow pad, full of air, so that if the competitors ‘slap back’ with either their hands or, worse, their heads then it is more like a cushion than a cement brick that they hit.  They also spread bits of chopped up pine boughs onto the snow so that it is easier for the athletes to spot the landing.  We really learned a lot about aerials skiing!

Prepping the landing area.

Unfortunately, our Canadian competitor, Veronika Bauer, did not have a good second jump, even though her first was amazing.  The competition was just a qualification round, no medals presented, but Veronika didn’t make it into the finals which is really too bad.  But we did have a great time up at Cypress and I look forward to going up there again, maybe even to ski next time!

Aerialist in the air!

The trip down the mountain also went smoothly.  We walked out to where the busses for Lonsdale Quay were waiting (the furthest bus stop from the venue) but were loaded nearly immediately and were on our way.  We grabbed a quick lunch at a pub near the Quay and then went and got in line for the SeaBus.  And the line was long!  But once again, it went really quickly.  It seems like all of the crowd control and queuing plans are working really well.  I’m seriously impressed with how fast the lineups are all going and how patient everyone is being.  Yay!  Keep up the good work!

We made it home, I finished writing up Day 8 (you may have noticed I’m about half a day behind, oops! 🙂  I am trying to work on it).  I managed to get myself cleaned up and ready in time for some guests to come over before we headed to the False Creek Yacht Club for the 2010vanfan get-together.  It was a blast.  I went over first with my family and some friends of my parents.  Robert, a fellow volunteer, was the first to arrive, but it was quite the party.  Robert invited a few other volunteers including Angela and Tim, and then there was also Katie, Dan, Laura, Tom, Heidi, Christina, Justin, Mike, and Brad (for a few seconds… where did you go??).  We watched short track speed skating, 2-man bobsleigh, curling, hockey and highlights.  I foolishly didn’t take any photos but luckily Robert did!  It was a great night.  Thanks to everyone that made it and to everyone that wanted to be there with us!

The early crowd. Family and family friends. Photo by Robert, thanks!

Dan, Tom, Laura and me. Photo by Robert.

Katie and I - with our 2010vanfan shirts on - Photo by Robert.

My brother Tony and my Mom Sharon. Photo by Robert.

And now we’re off to the Canada – USA game!!  I will try to catch back up with my writing tonight. Thank you merci!

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  1. elspeth permalink
    February 21, 2010 5:00 pm

    Wow, your energy has ALWAYS amazed me and you are going on in leaps and bounds. I would love to be able to spend some time with you at the moment, but its just not going to happen. What incredibly bad timing I have !
    And I seriously LOVE THOSE tee shirts. How can I get one saying ‘2010vanfan’s boring friend’?
    Lots of love,

  2. Tom permalink
    February 21, 2010 5:47 pm

    A great evening, thanks for organising it. Bring out the 2010vanfanfan tshirts I say!

  3. Jo-Anne permalink
    February 22, 2010 10:17 am

    Hi Andrea,
    My you are the early riser, and getting the whole family up & moving too. I’m impressed. Just love the shirts, You guys look like you are having way too much fun. See ya’s soon.

  4. February 22, 2010 2:26 pm

    Sorry Andrea to bail so early but I was called to volunteer at the last minute at USA house…they were unexpectedly short on people so I got called.

    Let me know when you have your next get together!




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