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1 day 1 hour to go – Torch Relay ride-along

February 11, 2010

This morning I was very lucky to get to ride-along with the Olympic Torch Relay. I had been invited by General Motors to ride with Art, one of the two mechanic/maintenance guys that has been keeping the whole fleet of Torch Relay vehicles running at their optimum.

I had to be in Port Moody this morning for 6:30am and would really like to thank my parents for driving me there, I wouldn’t have made it without them! The streets were already lined with people when I arrived which was wonderful to see. I waited (only a bit panicky) for Michael (he organized my ride-along) and Kemp (a fellow blogger) to find me so that we could find Art and hop on in the Chevy Silverado. I did find them and we did get in and then we were off on our adventure.

The crowd waiting for the Olympic Torch at Port Moody City Hall at 6:30am.

Other than a driving/parking pass in the window, our vehicle was unmarked so people didn’t quite know what to make of us in the convoy, however, we did have the Windows down, some Red Mittens on and cameras to take pictures of the excitement – people would cheer for us as we drove by. I got a high five along the way and even got to see Mihnea, a friend of mine from pin trading. That was pretty cool!

Some of the Torch cheering section! There were so many people out! It was an amazing and wonderful experience to be a part of it all.

The Port Coquitlam welcoming crew!

Leaving Art and the Torch Relay convoy happened almost as fast as we arrived. Today was Art’s last day on the job. Either Art or Serge were there for every kilometre that the Relay drove – what an amazing experience it must have been! Because it was Art’s last day he was super busy. He managed to pull off of the road in Port Coquitlam to let us out. We headed straight to the road to watch the Torch pass, which it did, then I was left wondering how I get home from Port Coquitlam… hmm… Luckily AirDave had texted a bit earlier saying that he was heading to the Community Celebrations in Coquitlam and when I called to ask for directions to downtown he offered to pick me up! So I got to go to the Torch celebrations with Dave and Rachael’s parents from Australia!

Coquitlam Olympic Torch Relay Community Celebrations!

The festivities were wonderful and I got to see my third community cauldron lit which was lovely. Dave dropped myself and Rachael’s parents at SkyTrain so we could head downtown and my morning’s Olympic Torch adventure was over. I will see it next tomorrow when Patti carries it on Davie Street. Can’t believe we are only a day away from the Opening Ceremonies, eeek!

Chris Wilson, in the white Torchbearer's uniform, lit the Community Cauldron in Coquitlam.

Thank you merci for sharing this wonderful journey with me!

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  1. ashley permalink
    February 11, 2010 4:35 pm

    its my birthday tommorw I turn 24 tommorw. My wish is tol walk with the canada team but I cant or meet some team of canada. I am the girl in the aiport pics that your mom took . My friend Krystail said she know u

    • 2010vanfan permalink
      February 11, 2010 6:45 pm

      Hi Ashley,
      Your birthday is on the day of the Opening Ceremonies?! So cool! I’m sure you’ll get to meet someone from Team Canada, there are a lot of them around.
      Happy Olympics and Happy Birthday!

  2. Bob permalink
    February 11, 2010 9:59 pm

    I followed the torch relay for part of the afternoon. I was almost in as much awe of the size of the crowds as the site of the torch. Those on the support vehicles apparently were also really surprised. Way to go Vancouver!!! You rocked today answering big time any questions about apathy over the Olympics of Vancouverites! Tomorrow the show really begins!


  1. The torch makes it way to Vancouver | Chevrolet 2010 Road Trip

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