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3 days 17.5 hours to go – Guest Post: Irish House soft opening

February 9, 2010

I have reached the unfortunate dilemma that I can no longer make it to all of the events that I would like to attend – there’s just too much going on this week!  The Irish House had their soft/media opening tonight and though I was invited as media I had already been scheduled for a volunteer shift in the Olympic Village.  Luckily one of my fellow volunteers, Caitlin, was free this evening and willing to take on the task of attending and blogging about the experience.  Here’s what Caitlin has to say about the Irish House:

*     *     *     *     *

Tonight I had the privilege to go to the preview/soft opening of “Irish House” on the corner of Cambie and Seymour next to Doolin’s Irish pub. We arrived about 10 minutes early, but the kind doorman let us inside so that we did not have to stand in the cold. After waiting a few minutes he gave us the okay to take pictures and view the venue.

I will start with outside. The outside is nothing special – a white tent with changing blue, red, green, and white lights lighting up the Irish House sign. (What we realized when we left was that you could hear the band almost to the Cambie Street Bridge!).

Upon walking into the house, the first thing I noticed was a castle replica which serves as a bar on the ground floor, and the tech area up on top. To the right is a walk up food counter, and stairs leading up to the VIP lounge.  It definitely has a pub feel, only the music was a bit loud for a pub atmosphere. There is also a very relaxing lounge area which is kind of hidden behind a wall, but open to the public. Beside this entrance, there is an Irish Jeweler. He has the largest collection of Irish jewelry in Canada, all of which is Celtic symbolism, let me tell you, it is beautiful!

Once I had taken a few pictures I decided it was time to figure out the answers to some of my questions. So I walked to a desk where I noticed when I arrived, staff passes and shirts were being handed out, I figured it was a great place to start. I chatted with a nice woman named Corey and she answered as many of my questions as she could and then found Tania who is in charge of all of the entertainment and sent her my way.

Here is what I found out. The house is open from 11am-4am everyday. Generally around 7pm is when they begin to make the switchover. There is a charge for admissions: $20 for either afternoon or night, $40 dollars for all day, and children are $10. For those of you who have an Irish passport, admission is ALWAYS free. Tania mentioned that they are expecting line ups to be about 2 hour waits, starting around 5pm. Capacity is 750 people. Irish house claims to be family friendly by day, and a party place at night even boasting about “18 days of St.Patricks day” which Tania informed me was actually 21 days. Regular drinks are $8 and premium drinks $9. Of course, I was living the experience and had to splurge for a premium and have a Guinness! Food prices range from $5 for appies, up to $9.50 for entrees. I had the Cornish pasties, and they were delicious! During the day there will be Irish story tellers, Irish Dancers, Irish music including bagpipes, fiddlers, and bands. At night there will always be live entertainment. The main bands are house bands at The Roxy, tonight it was The Buldge. You can find the complete entertainment line up at

Finally, the Irish Olympic team consists of 6 athletes:

  • Women’s Bobsledders Aoife Hoey and Claire Bergin
  • Men’s Skeleton racer Pat Shannon
  • Men’s Alpine slalom racer Shane O’conner, and Women’s Alpine racer Kirsty McGarry
  • And Men’s 15 K cross country skier PJ Barron.

You can find profiles of these athletes here.

If you are looking for something semi inexpensive, Irish house seems like it will be the place to be to party!

*     *     *     *     *

Thank you merci to Caitlin for her help and her post tonight, I really appreciate it.  And thank you merci for reading!

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  1. kate permalink
    February 9, 2010 7:17 am

    So where did you put the photos??

    • 2010vanfan permalink
      February 9, 2010 1:39 pm

      Think I just missed an email. I’ll post up Caitlin’s photos later today 🙂

  2. Bob permalink
    February 9, 2010 8:15 am

    I am so pumped up this morning … I got an Opening Ceremonies ticket in Category C for the original price, which must be from the new VANOC ticket releases scheduled for today! Wow … I cannot believe it! This puts the icing on the cake for my Olympic dream!

    The moment I am most looking forward to is the roar of the crowd when Team Canada marches into the stadium. It is going to be so awesome!!!

  3. Tom permalink
    February 9, 2010 12:31 pm

    It’s so close now. Vancouver you will be amazing!

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