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14 days 1.5 hours to go – Food at the Four Host First Nations Pavilion

January 29, 2010

12pm (14 days 6 hours to go) I had been hoping to post this up right away but it seems that I found a coffee shop without free wi-fi and $10US a month charged to my credit card doesn’t really interest me at this point. However, I am going to get some writing done so that it is one less thing to write about later!

*     *     *     *     *

I was scheduled to be interviewed by Citytv this morning. We met down at the main depot of Canada Post on Georgia Street as I had heard that a new Canada flag had just been unfurled yesterday on the building. When I got there though – no Canada flag! It looks like maybe they showed it off yesterday and are installing it properly today. Anyhow, I met up with Mark Docherty and cameraman Brian from Citytv for the interview and it is still an odd experience. They shot me taking some photos and typing on my laptop outside. I do not normally type outdoors, but it was an awfully pleasant experience as it was sunny and warm right then. Certainly something I could get used to.

Art at the Four Host First Nations Pavilion and the cameraman Brian on the other side.

We were standing in front of the Four Host First Nations Pavilion and they wanted to film me taking photos of the pavilion so we headed over that way. Somehow we wound up going into the Pavilion and into a interview/tasting of the chef and the food that will be served during the Games. Now, I would never have normally been there, nor am I bold enough to go in and ask if I too can ask questions and try food, but I am glad that Mark is. At first I was a bit uncomfortable but listening to the Chef de Cuisine Andrew George speak about the food and his experiences with the Olympics, Expo 86, cooking and teaching was totally enthralling. Andrew very graciously included me into the conversation he was having and I wound up having the opportunity to ask him questions myself.

I asked a bit about Andrew’s background, and how he became involved in cooking in the first place.  He grew up near Telkwa in central BC and lived mostly off the land – fishing, hunting and gathering.  As he got older he started working as a camp cook in mining camps in the area and when asked by a career counsellor what he enjoyed doing, cooking was his answer.  From Telkwa he came to Vancouver to study at the Vancouver Community College (VCC – then VVI) and has not looked back since.  What has developed from his years of cooking is a wonderful fusion blend of cooking that is really mouth-watering.  Andrew’s goal with the food for the Four Host First Nations was to include aboriginal foods from across Canada and listening to the ingredients and cooking techniques he has really managed it.  There is muskox, sustainably harvested from Banks Island, caribou from Baffin Island, wild boar, rabbit and buffalo from Quebec, salmon from BC and more!  I tried the asparagus wrapped in a sort of muskox prosciutto, maple glazed pacific salmon and a buffalo slider on bannock. The flavours were all perfect. Andrew even gave me some bannock to take home (I am a serious bannock-junky 🙂 ).

My luck is unbelievable. I know it and am grateful for it every day! How I went from being interviewed (and, really, that I am being interviewed at all) to getting to meet the Chef de Cuisine for the Four Host First Nations Pavilion is beyond me. Oh, and he is also running the team that will be feeding about 3000 people at the Surrey Celebration site. Madness! So I now can say from personal experience, go to the Four Host First Nations Pavilion and have a meal. I believe that there will have platters available for $25 and the food is amazing! It is so tasty! I cannot seem to find any immediate information on how food will be available but will post an update as soon as I know.

With Chef de Cuisine Andrew George and a platter of his amazing food! He's even sent me some recipes already, thanks Andrew!

As you can tell, I’ve had an amazing day already, and apparently it is not going to stop. I’m meeting Nick from Olympic Rings and Other Things in a few minutes for lunch. Nick also works for the PR firm Edelman who are working with companies such as HBC, Budweiser and for the LiveCity sites, so it should be an educational lunch. Oh, and about 10 minutes after finishing with Citytv I received a phone call from CBC TV and will be meeting them at 2pm for another interview. I am flattered but still very startled. I need to learn to sound more confident about my answers. I really do love Vancouver, the Olympics and am happy to promote it all but I need to stop being startled by some questions, ’cause then I just say silly things. Ah well, I am learning and hope you’ll just laugh at me when I’m a bit crazy. 😀

Thank you merci!

*     *     *     *     *

4:30pm (14 days 1.5 hours) – Racing to get out the door!  The CBC interview was quick and easy down at Robson Square.  I’ve been fighting trying to get the software updated on my phone and still have not managed it so I am still without internet on my phone (don’t ask, really long story) but that took away from writing time but I will be sure to post up at least a little something tonight when I get back home from my first volunteer shift in the Vancouver Olympic Village!  Woohoo!  Now it’s time to go put on my uniform 😀

Thank you merci!

OH – And the 2010vanfan Photo Scavenger Hunt is definitely on, I’m just a bit brainless lately.  If you’re interested in participating we’ll be meeting at 11am at the Coca-Cola Pin Trading Centre in the Olympic Superstore at the Bay Downtown.  Bring your digital camera, a transit pass, your enthusiasm and a bit of time to have fun in.  I planning on us being all done by 3pm or so.  And yes, there are prizes!  Can’t wait!  If you have a second it would be great to receive a confirmation email from those planning on attending just so I have a recent idea of numbers –  Thank you merci!

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  1. January 29, 2010 5:14 pm

    Hi, Andrea. Great to visit with you at lunch, and thank you for referencing the blog in this post. The details about the Four Host First Nations Pavillion make me hungry! I enjoy your storytelling style. Have a great evening — hope to attend the scavenger hunt.

  2. January 29, 2010 5:20 pm

    Count me in for the photo savanger hunt…but dont have a camera!!


  3. Dan P permalink
    January 31, 2010 6:17 pm

    Wow; amazing, Things are really getting interesting for you, pretty jealous!

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  4. Dan P permalink
    January 31, 2010 6:19 pm

    Got an amazing picture of you on the boat bus, you look really pretty! Ill end it to you soon.


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