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35 days to go – Vancouver is getting ready!

January 8, 2010

Gah!  I just lost quite a bit of my post, so I think I’m going to summarize instead of re-writing, as it is getting late and I would like some sleep (darn computers anyway, harumpf).

1. The Vancouver 2010 banners have started going up on street lamps across the city.  There are a lot of designs and I can’t wait to see what they look like in person.

2. Bob tells me that the RBC at Burrard and Georgia is adding to their decorations.  I don’t have a photo to post yet but I plan on cruising by on my next Vancouver 2010 walkabout as soon as I get home.  Check out my first walkabout here.

3. Bell announced today that they will have a fan zone which they are calling the Bell Ice Cube.  It looks pretty neat.  It will be at Robson and Beatty by BC Place Stadium and will be open 11am to 11pm from February 11 to February 28.  You can check out the press release here, but I’ll be making some enquiries of my own as well as soon as I am back in Vancouver.

Sketch of the Bell Ice Cube.

4. Vancouver 2010 is offering a free souvenir!  Thanks to Rachael from Tinkerblue for pointing this out.  We’re not sure if there will be shipping charges but you can sign up for your own Vancouver 2010 journal here.  Here’s what says about it:

“Capture all your Vancouver 2010 memories in your FREE personalized Official Vancouver 2010 Journal. Store tickets and memorabilia, and record your Games-related thoughts and experiences in this 160-page personalized journal (valued at $17.99 CDN). This unique keepsake includes photography ideas, questions to prompt Games memories, blank journal pages and a special pocket for Games-related memorabilia. A must-have for all Games enthusiasts!
*Offer not available to residents of Australia and Palestine”

I’ve already signed up for mine!

5. There is more I would like to talk about but because my computer is being difficult I’m going to end with my day here in Hawaii.  We had a blast today.  Unfortunately Katie had to go home, but not before some more swimming (Miga joined us!), a trip to the Farmer’s Market for fruit (cheap and wonderfully delicious here), an adventure up island where we got to go see some petroglyphs, and dinner of fresh ahi tuna sashimi from Bite Me Fish Market.  All in all a wonderful day.  Tomorrow we’re off to Hilo to visit my aunt who will be visiting for the day from her Hawaiian cruise.  We’re also going to camp the night on Mauna Kea, which will be fantastic!  The only down side is there is no electricity or internet up there so 34 days to go will likely be posted the next morning, but I’ll get it up as fast as I can.

So here are some photos from today.  Miga really is traveling a lot (check out Aaron’s trip with Miga here!).  Thank you, merci, mahalo for reading.

Katie at Kei'ki beach with Red Mittens and Miga! The surf has been pretty big lately, hence the murky water.

Yes, we really did bring Red Mittens and Miga snorkeling. It was great fun. Here I am in slightly clearer water.

Miga learning about Hawaiian culture at the Petroglyph walk near Mauna Lani.

PS – or 6 – nearly forgot to remind you about the pin contest.  Just enter a photo showing Olympic spirit and you could win an HBC Mascot pin.  Click here for more information.

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  1. January 8, 2010 12:12 pm

    Haha…love the underwater mittens.

  2. January 8, 2010 3:02 pm

    All this info is super helpful! Thanks for sharing it all. I hope I bump into you during the games.

  3. Nobase2010 permalink
    January 8, 2010 3:55 pm

    You might like to add this to your Vancouver Olympic mascot collections. I can’t wait to get my hand on these mascots.

  4. keith77cdn permalink
    January 8, 2010 5:55 pm

    hey andrea when ya come back email me and i will meet ya one day and go for the walk with ya to olympic site and i will learn some neat stuff.

  5. Jo-Anne permalink
    January 9, 2010 11:33 am

    Ok, I was blown away by the pictures of you guys with Miga in the water. I couldn’t stop laughing, not at you but becuase they are so cute. I am assuming she stayed dry and didn’t suffocate. :):)

  6. January 9, 2010 1:23 pm

    Nice work on the underwater shots. Miga is right at home in the ocean to be sure.

    You’ll be pretty surprised at the YaleTown LiveSite – the domes and special tents are all up and the place looks like it is going to be incredible. GM Place has what looks like a stage going up in the middle of Abbott street (which is now closed completely – headache for Canucks game tonight…)

    Thanks for the Miga photo shout out!

  7. Bob permalink
    January 9, 2010 3:30 pm

    I rearranged some of my Christmas lights this afternoon. I took the strings that were on my lawn and rearranged them to form the Olympic rings! I have also finished replacing all my remaining old incandescent lights that are out front on my gutters and around the windows with red ones.

    Getting in the spirit one day at a time!

  8. Tomarra permalink
    January 10, 2010 8:01 pm

    Here’s a pic of the Royal Bank I took a couple of days ago:

  9. Sarah permalink
    October 31, 2010 1:02 am

    Miga swimming with you and red mittens! Surely that wins best obscure Vancouver 2010 photo award? Great shot!

    Also, I’m quietly perplexed at the disclamer for the free album. None for Australians and Palestinians? Now that’s a head scratcher. Lol!

    • 2010vanfan permalink
      November 1, 2010 2:12 pm

      Thanks Sarah! It was way too much fun to bring Miga into the ocean with me – back to her natural habitat!

      I’m really enjoying having you read the whole journey – it’s quite a fantastic way to enjoy it all over again!


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