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37 days to go – Oh! New Tickets!

January 6, 2010

Hee hee!  I had heard of tickets becoming available on the Vancouver 2010 ticketing site at random times and prices, mostly because of the new fan-to-fan resale option, so I thought I would see if there was anything for me to pick up since I will have more time to attend events than I had originally planned.  My score for the Olympics was a single ‘A’ grade ticket to the first day of Skeleton at the Whistler Sliding Centre for the face value of the ticket!  I am hoping to attend events at all of the venues if my schedule and budget allow and this was a perfect opportunity!  I’m super excited to see skeleton from the grandstands!

That was about all I could afford at this point for the Olympics.  Resale tickets are quite pricey at this point for pretty much everything, but it’s nice to see nearly every event sold out!  I also checked out Paralympic tickets as I have been meaning to get Sledge Hockey tickets for a while now.  I was absolutely shocked at how cheap the tickets to the events are!  Most tickets are $15 though they range up to $50 (Gold medal Sledge Hockey).  The Opening Ceremony tickets range from $30 – $175 and the Closing Ceremony tickets are only $60.  It’s crazy!  So I went a bit mad and bought tickets to two Sledge Hockey Games (Canada – Norway and Canada – Qualifier 1), biathlon (variety of events) and men’s and women’s blind and sitting slalom in alpine skiing.  Eight tickets cost me less than $200 and by the looks of it I can find my own transportation to Whistler if I like, though I’m still hoping that there are buses.

So I have expanded my ticket collection considerably and am very happy for it.  I am looking forward to picking up my tickets from the Main Ticketing Centre at Robson Square when I get home.  I have also managed to ensure that I will be attending (at least) one event in each of Whistler’s Official Competition Venues: Whistler Olympic & Paralympic Park, Whistler Creekside and the Whistler Sliding Centre.  I am thrilled that I will get to see each of these venues in competition!  And really, if you have any free time at all in March, please do book your Paralympic tickets now.  They’re really cheap and the competition will be intense!

*     *     *     *     *

Are you feeling the Olympic Spirit?  Maybe Vancouver 2010 is moving you?  Please submit a photo of yourself, your friends or family, or any person you meet that has spirit to any of these places: email –, 2010vanfan Facebook group, or @2010vanfan on Twitter.  I’m starting a photo album of Vancouver 2010 Spirit and would love for you to be in it.  Your incentive (other than showing your spirit and excitement) is the chance to win one of three HBC Mascot pins!  Enter before the evening of Sunday, January 10th.  For more details click here!

*     *     *     *     *

Today was a swimming day.  We swam with some fish this morning at the pier in Kona and then with fish and turtles this afternoon at Turtle Beach, just to the south of Kona.  It was a really wonderful day!  I got to try out my new mask, which is really great.  I can see so much more with it!  This evening we watched the sunset from Huggo’s on the Rocks, complete with a cut-out hula girl to take photos with.

Me with my very yellow new mask and snorkel!

This is a Moorish Idol fish. I am so thrilled that I got this photo, they're beautiful!

A sea turtle at Turtle Bay. What an amazing day.

Katie and I hula with Red Mittens at Huggo's on the Rocks.

Thank you, merci, mahalo for reading!

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  1. January 6, 2010 11:45 pm

    Oh looks like you are having such a great time on Hawaii. We loved the Big Island when we were there last year. It really is BIG – exploring the beautiful beaches (loved Mauna Kea Beach and Hapuna Beach), and the Volcano Park !

    Score on the Olympic and Paralympic tickets ! For us Olympic ‘junkies’ the paralympics will be a blast, can’t agree more. The athletes are so inspirational, and the chance to be a part of the Olympic spirit – for another month – – and at half the cost ?! are you kidding me?

    Keep up the great work of following Miga around hawaii. I did the same thing when i was in South America & the USA for work – got some weird looks, but it was a fun to collect. Check out where Miga has already been around the world…

    Now get out and enjoy your vacation 🙂

    • 2010vanfan permalink
      January 7, 2010 9:00 am

      Miga really is a world traveller! I love your photos and yes, I get a few odd looks as well but they are worth it.

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