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39 days to go – 2010vanfan goes to Hawaii

January 4, 2010

I have made it to the big island of Hawaii.  I am pretty excited to be here for a little rest and relaxation after the Christmas ‘holidays’ (I was working retail, not much holiday at Christmas) and the big event – Vancouver 2010!  I had all sorts of plans to take photos of my little stuffed Miga on the plane, but recent security changes meant that I couldn’t even bring her on the plane with me!  The 6.5 hour flight was uneventful and it is really quite late here in Kona, but I wanted to post up my first photo of Miga.

Fruit, flowers and Miga - something tells me she'll like it here!

Though I didn’t take any photos on the plane, I did ask my seat-mates, grandparents that live on Saltspring Island, how they feel about the Olympics.  They did express some concern about whether communities outside of the lower mainland will benefit, but they were also very supportive.  They will be watching the Games from home and have already bought their five grandchildren Red Mittens and commemorative coin sets!  I look forward to asking more people here in Hawaii about their thoughts.  I wonder how many people who live in Hawaii year-round know that the Winter Olympics start in Vancouver in only 39 days?

I think we’ll be heading out to tourist around a bit tomorrow, maybe we’ll even get some swimming and snorkeling in.  Miga will be traveling with me, and maybe my Red Mittens too.  Should be an interesting week of spreading Olympic Spirit!

*     *     *     *     *

As I mentioned yesterday, I managed to get a few pin trades in.  I’m starting to find it is easier which must come from practice.  I had a lot of great conversations about trading, particularly with Rob.  Rob even joined a bunch of us Olympic Superstore staff, along with my friend Katie, for dinner as it was my last official day in the store.  Thanks also to Mo, Maggie, Alice, Philippa, Maeve, Stephanie, Julie, Steven, Gurvir, and Chamali for all coming out.  I had a great night.  Anyhow, as promised… here are most of the pins I traded for (one had already made it into my pin bag).

My new pins!They're all so neat!

*     *     *     *     *

Last thing for tonight, as it now feels like 3:30am for me (luckily it’s only 1:30 here in Kona)… Don’t forget to send in your photos of Olympic Spirit!  It could be photos of you dressed up, your family, random strangers you meet on the street, heck – maybe even your house if you’ve already started decorating for the Games!  Photos will be going into a Vancouver 2010 Spirit photo album and by submitting before Sunday you will have a chance to win an HBC Mascot Pin!


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  1. Tom permalink
    January 4, 2010 6:32 am

    Great to hear you are getting some practice at pin trading – I got my bag for Christmas too – very smart although not quite as roomy as my other one.

  2. Jo-Anne permalink
    January 4, 2010 3:26 pm

    AAH! KONA and we’re not talking coffee right now are we. You are just so lucky to be there. It’s snowing here, has been all day and most of the night. It is pretty wet though so no need to SHOVEL for a while. I already did that this morning – early. Miga looks absolutely adorable among the flowers & fruit. I hope she likes the heat, if not I will gladly trade her places. Traveling suits you both. Have a great time and say Aloha to my favorite people.


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