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42 days to go – Happy 2010!

January 1, 2010

You know??  I would love to be verbose, loquacious and overly wordy at this point in time, but really, the beginning of 2010 doesn’t need words.  We’re here. We have reached the year 2010.  There are only 42 days until the Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games and 70 days until the Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Paralympic Games.

We’re here.  It’s our year!  I’m boggled, perplexed, excited and unbelieving… it’s really here.  2010.  I would love to say profound and invigorating things.  I feel like I… we…. the readers of a blog such as this, are the primary cheerleaders, the heart and soul of the Games, and that we, tonight, cannot ever truly express our joy… and maybe trepidation.

I cry… tears of joy… at the drop of a “believe” scarf.  My heart contracts to Nike’s “Destiny” commercial.  We are somewhere unique, blessed and incomparable, and I am so glad (joyful, exuberant…).  I have recently been asked “What do you say to the protesters?”.  And though the protesters aren’t there to contradict me, I have a lot to say.  A lot. And I still believe in the good, the benefit and the positive.  (Hopefully you’ll hear it soon,maybe in the next few weeks), but really, I come back to my rant of the other night…

I’ll leave it at that.  I had a wonderful New Year’s with friends, new people and imagination.  I do have photos of strangers (only in the proximity of Olympic gear, as I forgot all of Pat’s lessons tonight) but at least of people new to me.  And, when I’m near my downloader again, I will upload some of the Olympic decoration/advertising that is appearing in Vancouver.  But tonight is really about 2010.  We’re here.  I’m… emotions that I cannot begin to express, but I know that when you see me, when you hear me… you’ll know…  Happy New Year’s!  Happy 2010!

My sweetest mate Mo and me at New Year's 2010! Yes, Mo is looking cute, and no, Quatchi is not stealing wine!

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  1. January 1, 2010 12:05 pm

    Happy New Year !

    Will there come a time when we don’t automatically first think: “Vancouver Winter Olympics” – when we hear the words “Twenty-Ten” ?

    hello 2010

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