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46 days to go – Volunteering at the GE Plaza

December 27, 2009

It was a beautiful day in Vancouver.  Sunny and mostly clear, with the morning fog burning off through the day.  It was warmer than I expected.  Somehow I always think of clear winter days in Vancouver as quite chilly, and though I did see a few frost patches it was mostly just a very comfortable temperature.  Great for walking about and exploring the city.  The evening was lovely too.  A great night to be volunteering at the GE Plaza at Robson Square.

One of the domes over the GE Plaza viewed from street level.

I have volunteered a few times already for the 2010 Commerce Centre, mostly helping with events, but this was my first time helping with the ice rink itself.  I was a little worried I would have to skate.  Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to skate at the GE Plaza, but doing it as a volunteer would mean I’d have to display some competency at skating.  I haven’t skated in about two years, so I’m by no means confident of my abilities.  Besides I didn’t skate all that well when I was skating regularly.  I can go forward pretty good, turn to the left, and stop (important that one!) however turning to the right or skating backwards are definitely things I need to improve upon!

The ice rink really is beautiful! I need to get my skates and head down!

Luckily I was assigned to help in the Cafe tonight, and that I can do.  I worked part of the evening with Maria, another volunteer.  But she is a dedicated volunteer!  She came over from Victoria this morning, and returned this evening, just to spend the day volunteering at the GE Plaza!  How amazing is that?  She was very sweet and showed me all of the things that I needed to know for the job.  It was really a very nice night.  I got to see Ron, the icemaker, again.  It seems like he is always there (he assures me that he pretty much is 🙂 ).  I also met Cameron, one of the managers, as well as John, another Maria, Johnny and a few others that I unfortunately didn’t quite catch the names of.

Maria, a volunteer from Victoria, in the Cafe at the GE Plaza.

It was a very busy night at the rink!  By the looks of it it is busy a lot of the time, which is really fantastic.  I can only imagine how wonderful it will be during Games-time, when the BC Pavilion takes over pretty much all of Robson Square, including parts of the Vancouver Art Gallery!  If you’re interested in skating here is some of what you need to know… better yet, check out their website!

Skating times – currently 9am – 9pm, but when school is back in it will be noon – 9pm.

Skate rentals – $3 per pair, helmets are $3 to rent as well but free for children under 12 years of age.

Amenities and other fun stuff – There is a cash-only Cafe but it is mostly for beverages (mmm… hot chocolate!).  Check out the zamboni… it looks like an orca!  And there are regular concerts as well, definitely check out the website for information on who is playing.  Oh, and I just saw this… there is going to be a Children’s New Year’s Eve party from 4:30 to 7:30 on the evening of December 31st!  Neat!

*     *     *     *     *

I’m off to Kamloops next for a quick Christmas visit with my family up there.  Gotta say hello to my Dad and Grandma and everyone else I can squeeze into my very quick visit.  But it should be a good time.  Who knows what things Vancouver 2010 I will see in the next day?

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  1. Sarah permalink
    October 27, 2010 12:37 am

    Looks like a fun place to be!
    It’s a shame you aren’t an ambi turner on the ice :p (zoolander joke)

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