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62 days to go – The road home…

December 12, 2009

The Torch left Montreal this morning, on its way to Ontario and I sadly had to leave Montreal as well.  I say sadly, but I should clarify. It would have been lovely to spend more time in Montreal.  It was my first time there but certainly will not be my last.  What a beautiful, charming, historical city.  So, yes, I was sad to leave Montreal, but not sad at all to return to Vancouver.  As we neared the city in the airplane, I thought there wouldn’t be much to see as snow had been forecast, however, my seat-mate, Andrew, pointed out the window as we flew over the valley, and there was Mount Baker without a cloud, standing clear and proud over the west coast.  Andrew said “That’s why we live here”.  And I couldn’t agree more!

Right, right, waxing poetic without really covering the day… I’ll get back to Vancouver many times in the next few months but will try to wrap up my Montreal story now…

Amy and I got up a bit earlier today (this was tough as I was up writing quite late last night considering there was so much excitement!).  We packed up our stuff and managed to retrieve her car from the parking lot (apparently parking is scarce in the area, there is a lot attendant who packs them in like sardines!).  She then very kindly drove me up to see the Olympic Stadium.  And really, though I’ve seen photos of it, I was unprepared for how huge it is!  It is really quite the monument and I would certainly love to attend an event in it one day.  I did take a couple of photos, and shot one final video, but I will try to post those all up tomorrow night when I have some time set aside for those sorts of tasks.  Besides, my photo of the Olympic Stadium doesn’t compare to this one…

Montreal's Olympic Stadium and the Biodome

But it was cold!  Very cold and windy so we stayed only long enough for a few photos before fleeing to Vieux Montreal for coffee and some breakfast!  Mmmm… petit dejeuner.  🙂  I had a crepe called La Cabane du Sucre, with scrambled eggs, ham, and maple syrup…. not really sure about that combination, but, when in Montreal… Then it was time to say adieu to Montreal and Amy very kindly dropped me at the airport before her drive back to Ontario.  I really had a wonderful time and as you already know, look forward to returning to Canada’s first Olympic city.

*     *     *     *     *

Slight delay in the pin draw!  Oops!  I’m sorry, I’ve mis-laid my list of entrants and am feeling much too tired to find it tonight, so I will do the draw tomorrow night (once again, in said time for sorting out some blog issues).  I hope you all don’t mind.  Now, if you have been meaning to enter, but haven’t yet, you’d better do it now!!  Here are the details!

*     *     *     *     *

And, if you missed my Twitter or Facebook updates last night… the really exciting news that was just announced…  Oh my gosh!  I’m not even scheduled to work this day but you know I’ll be there….

OK… I will stop stalling…

Alexander Ovechkin will be signing autographs at the Olympic Superstore on 17 December from 5-7pm!  How cool is that??!!  I will of course keep you posted with more info as it becomes available!  But I think I may see one or two of you there 😉

*     *     *     *     *

Sleep time, so I’ll say goodnight, bonsoir.  Thank you merci Montreal for a wonderful visit and a great first personal encounter with the Olympic Torch!

*     *     *     *     *

Addendum – Here is the final video from Montreal.


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