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64 days to go – My first snow of the winter!!

December 9, 2009

So… I’m a dope.  I’ve been making a few little videos today, in between taking photos so that I could show everyone Montreal, the snow, the fun, the beauty… and then I discovered that I forgot my download cable at home and the only reader I have found here so far is nearly $40 and that seems like highway robbery!!  So I haven’t bought one, but it is annoying and poopy ’cause now I don’t have photos or videos to share from today. 😦

Anyhow, I’ll see what I can find (read: copy from the internet), and try to tell the rest of today’s story with words… And when I have the ability I will add the photos and videos… Sigh.  Right, stories…

I started today a little late by Montreal time zone standards, not leaving the hotel until a little after 9am.  But as I am in Montreal, and French women always look fabulous, I took the time to make sure I was presentable.  However, I probably could have saved myself at least some time as I learned today that mascara and snow do not mix!  My eyes were watery from the driving snow (ah! snowflake in the eyeball!) and worse… snow will accumulate on eyelashes and pick up the mascara, leading to black coloured snowballs on your eyelashes!  I promise you this is not a good fashion trend!

Not me - but it really did look like this today! I had to get winter boots to prevent frostbite (or at least cold and wet feet)! 😀

I walked to Vieux (Old) Montreal first, and managed to make it that far before requiring a break to warm up (and a coffee!… and possibly a crepe… 😉  ).  I am looking forward to seeing more of Old Montreal when I can actually see (the snow really was blowing that hard!).  From breakfast I managed to make it a few more blocks, including past where the Torch celebration ceremonies will be on the evening of Thursday, December 10th, before having to stop and warm up with another coffee!  I will have to admit that today wasn’t particularly Olympic but that I did get to see quite a bit of Montreal, including of course rue St-Catherine (much easier after finding some winter boots, sneakers work in Vancouver, not so much here… yes, I am silly sometimes!).

My friend Amy joined me here in Montreal this evening, driving from Trenton, Ontario, an ‘Olympic’ feat in itself considering the weather!  Then I got my exercise as we had to push her car out of a roadside parking spot so that she could park at the hotel.  I haven’t had to push a car in quite a while, but we did meet with success!  This of course called for drinks!  So we headed to rue St-Denis and found ourselves a microbrew pub called Le Saint Bock.  They had a lovely large variety of beer… and cheese!!  Mmmm… cheese and beer!  Very happy me!  Very happy Amy too!  Then we visited L’Absynthe, thinking that would be dangerous and amusing!  Well, it was amusing… 🙂  But neither of us had absynthe, just some very crazy cocktails that should have been named something like “the kitchen sink”.

So, tomorrow… I had thought about being at the start of the Torch Relay for the day, but it starts at 6am!  In Montreal East!  And the first segment is only something like 8 minutes long!  So, I’m thinking… erm… maybe not the beginning of the day.  The cool thing is though that there are signs all along the Torch route, saying (en Francais) that the Torch will be coming through between so and so times.  So I think we’re planning on seeing the Olympic Stadium and park (just a short Metro ride from here) and definitely being around for the evening’s celebrations and cauldron lighting.  But we’ll see… I would like to see the whole procession, with the Coca-Cola Truck  and the RBC Truck and all the other stuff that goes on!

But that’s for tomorrow, and we’ll see what the day brings!

*     *     *     *     *

Don’t forget to enter to win an HBC Mascot pin!  These are brand new and so far quite rare!  (Actually I think they’ll remain that way, but I don’t know the numbers of how many were made so I am trying not to make promises! 🙂 ).  Find the details on how to enter here!

Bonsoir!  Goodnight!

*     *     *     *     *

Addendum – Please find photos of my Montreal trip here and my videos here!

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  1. keith e permalink
    December 9, 2009 11:18 pm

    Hey andrea try a poutine too in montreal since french like it and I met 3 people who volunteering and told one check outyour site

  2. keith77cdn permalink
    December 10, 2009 1:33 am

    hey andrea i bet ya having blast and if ya coming back home just dont bring snow here till olympics forsure in city level but mountains go ahead. We suppose be forecast snow here friday. I seen 3 good volunteers are working in bc place area and i told one why not check out this site. i hope when i visit ya in hbc where are you so i go to you and i wanna buy some mittens maybe heart ones if not then other one.

    • keith77cdn permalink
      December 10, 2009 1:35 am

      i forgot dont forget have a poutine in montreal since i hear french love poutines and i do too but never travel yet but i hopefully one day i will but i dont know much french.

      bonjour ( i know forsure that one and merci)

  3. Emma permalink
    December 10, 2009 3:15 am

    Montreal! You jetsetter!
    It looks absolutely beautiful there. You are going to have a fabulous setting for the olympics.

  4. Patti permalink
    December 10, 2009 4:13 am

    Hi Andrea,
    It’s 4AM PST and I just watched the first hour of the Torch Relay and you were very smart to wait until later. When it started at 6AM EST only 4 Torchbearers ran before they drove the flame 25 minutes to Mascouche. It was only there for 10 minutes and now it’s being driven to Terrebonne so mostly I’ve just watched the tail lights of the car ahead of the live camera. However, it is snowing ever so lightly and it looks beautiful.

    Hope you have a wonderful day and and your feet stay dry in your new boots (you went to Montreal without boots?!?). I look forward to reading all about your day later but for now I’ve got to get some sleep.

  5. December 10, 2009 9:36 am

    Try an internet cafe, sometime they have cord you can borrow~! Good luck and stay warm!


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