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71 days to go – Frustration and Olympism!

December 3, 2009

Work (life, the universe… ahem… sorry 🙂 ) is rarely perfect, but you know, you really have to focus on the good things in life and I am very, very grateful for all of my good things today.  I would like to start with all of my co-workers at the Olympic Superstore, that make every day a fun, supportive and wonderful day to live (your smiles, hugs, and hard work by my side really make me happy and grateful to be where I am!).  And to my family… they are always wonderful to come home to, or to talk to by phone and messenger (we’re a bit spread out! 🙂 ).  But then there are the unexpected people, that somehow… probably because they’re unexpected, make things that much better… and that’s where Olympism came into play for me today.

I visited Hudson House Trading in Gastown today, trying to help a customer, and trying to help a business that I really like.  I first visited Hudson House because I’d been told that they are THE place to get pins (Suraj orders his pins before anyone else)!  And I have to say, it’s a pin nut’s dream world!  Suraj and his beautiful wife, and all of their team work very hard to make everyone feel welcome (and they always get the new Vancouver 2010 pins first!).  I was trying to help a customer find items that we didn’t have and was that we’d be able to get something sorted for them at Hudson House.  Everyone was so very gracious and welcoming.

Today was the 8th anniversary of the store and to celebrate there were samosas, nanaimo bars and carrot cake for all of the staff!!  I was really overwhelmed when I was welcomed in to partake with their staff, and also very grateful as it was looking unlikely that I would have time for a break.  I know that hospitality is integral to a lot of people but I really felt special, and am so honoured that they took the time to help me in so very many ways.  And I feel that while they were incredibly hospitable they also showed tremendous Olympism!  Everyone at Hudson House Trading went above and beyond anything that I could imagine or hope for and I wanted to take today to thank them.

Really, my best way to say thanks is to make sure that everyone knows where they are and who they are!  If you like pins, or happen to find yourself in Gastown in need of any Olympic, Vancouver, or Canada merchandise, then these are the people to see!  I certainly didn’t expect to find such hospitality and caring in one of Vancouver’s top tourist haunts, but it’s there, and it is a special treat!  I certainly would love for you to come to visit me in the Olympic Superstore, but if you have time, please do visit Hudson House Trading (right near the Steamclock!), you won’t be disappointed!

And thanks… to everyone at Hudson House Trading… you made my day so much better!

*     *     *     *     *

It’s late again (is this phrase starting to sound repetitive??  I think it may be… darn it all… one day I’ll get to bed at a sensible time!).  Anyhow… 😀  I just want to add a reminder that you could win your very own pin just by following these few simple steps before the evening of Monday, December 7th (Happy Birthday Mom! 😉 ).

1. Comment on this post, or any post between now and the evening of Monday, December 7th.

2. In your comment, tell all of us what you are most looking forward to during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

That’s it!!  I will make one more request though… if you know someone who loves the Olympics, or Paralympics, or pins, or Vancouver, please pass this on to them!  The more people who enter the more fun this will be!!

Also, if you are on Facebook please do check out my group page (just search “2010vanfan”) and join the group to get daily updates on my blog (I really do write daily!!).  I will even add a new contest tonight, just for members of the 2010vanfan Facebook group!  Put a post on the wall between now and the evening of Monday, December 7th and I’ll enter you into a separate, 2010vanfan facebook group fan only contest!!  I will draw three lucky winners from the followers of the group that night – your prize?  A pin of course!  And yes, you can enter into both draws! 🙂

You could win this pin! Super-limited! Only 250 made!!

I really have to say that I’m loving the stories and dreams shared so far!  You all are making me cry!  It is in a good way but wow!  There are some powerful memories, and heartfelt dreams out there!  Keep it up!

Thank you, merci, good luck, bonne chance!


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  1. Bob permalink
    December 4, 2009 12:12 am

    I totally agree with everything you said about Hudson House Trading! I love going there! I have always felt very welcome. I buy nearly all my retail pins from them because of that and because I love supporting small businesses.

    I am on their call list whenever new pins come in. If I go that day, they sell me the pins right out of the shipping box before they even go on display! And I will get any new pins 1-2 weeks before they are available anywhere else!

    If you are a pin collector you definitely must go and check them out. I know that several fellow members of the Pacific Pin Club also shop there.


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