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73 days to go – I’m not winning…

December 1, 2009

Drat!  I was really hoping to show off my new pin tonight.  I know I’ve already given a preview, but as the numbers of them are so limited I would like to attach them to numbered cards, so that every single one of them is numbered and accounted for.  However, I am apparently picky, and have not managed to create a card this evening that makes me happy and it’s starting to get quite late!  As I need some sleep, I’ve decided to give up the hunt for tonight and hope that inspiration strikes tomorrow!  Maybe you have some ideas??

So I’m afraid tonight is going to be a very short post as I’ve spent the last few hours wrangling images and messing around trying to make something that I like to be the background for my pin.  It also means that I’m not going to start my next contest quite yet as I’d like to have a complete prize to show… But I will try to put a few things out there…

First, we’re nearly to a major milestone in the countdown to the Paralympics!  When I post tomorrow night it will be 100 days until the Opening Ceremonies of the Paralympics!!  Wow!  We’re really getting close!

Second, my heart goes out to John Kucera, a favourite on our men’s alpine ski team.  He crashed during the super-G slalom race at Lake Louise on Sunday and broke his leg.  It has removed him from Olympic competition  which is really quite sad as he was skiing so well this year and I’m sure more than heartbreaking for him.  The good news on Sunday though  was that his teammate, Manuel Osborne-Paradis did win the race while Erik Guay and Robbie Dixon, more teammates, came 4th and 5th respectively.  Congrats to our men’s alpine ski team and a big “Get well quick!” to John.

And lastly… are you a 2010vanfan fan?  Are you on facebook too?  Please join my group (just search facebook for 2010vanfan)!!  Here you’ll get updates about my daily posts.  Plus, once I have my pins ready I’m going to have a separate contest going just for 2010vanfan facebook group members so join today!!

Thank you merci!!

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