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78 days to go – Support our Athletes!!

November 26, 2009

We are very proud of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes (and all the hopefuls as well) here in Canada and lately we’ve been doing a better job of making sure they know it!  Sport can be expensive, and sponsorships can be hard to come by, particularly if you’re an “up and comer”.  There is a lot of travel, equipment, coaching and other things to pay for and time to have a good-paying job can be scarce with all the practice that is necessary to reach the level of skill needed to compete on the highest global level.  For Vancouver 2010, there are a lot of ways to help support our athletes financially, to help them focus on their sport (and not their finances) and to help them reach their dream (and ours!) of reaching the podium in 2010!  Here are some of the ways that you can help!

Donate directly to Own the Podium through the Canadian Olympic Foundation.


The Canadian Olympic Foundation raises money for Winter and Summer athletes and is a great way to be involved.  A neat way to go though, if you like pins is to donate here but by ‘purchasing’ pins donated by Molson’s!  You get pins, the athletes get support!  Cool!  Good on ya Molson!  There are also reusable Molson Olympic bags available!  I have already donated here to get my pins, have you?

*     *     *     *     *

Everyone loves these! And they will make great stocking stuffers for Christmas! They're super warm too!


Next up… Red Mittens!  These things are hotter than hot cakes!!  They fly off of the shelves (sometimes out of our hands as we’re trying to fill shelves!).  Red Mittens cost $10 + tax per pair with about $4 of that going to help fund athletes!  It’s pretty sweet!  There are three sizes available, adult’s S/M, adult’s L/XL, and children’s (one size only).  We just got some Mittens in today at the Olympic Superstore so come in quick before we sell out again, or check your local Bay or Zellers stores!

*     *     *     *     *

Also at Bay (and I think Zellers) stores you can find little paper toque cut-outs (I don’t seem to be able to find a picture of one, I’ll try to get one tomorrow to post…).  For a minimum $1 donation you can write a message to our Canadian athletes on the toque.  The toques will be delivered to our athletes to read in the Athlete’s Village while they are here to compete!  How cool is that??  We have heard back from athletes about this sort of program and they say it means a lot to them to have messages from across Canada.  The Athlete’s Villages are going to be great, but family and friends aren’t really able to get there to visit, so the athletes can feel a little isolated.  These messages remind them that we’re all standing behind them cheering them on!  Go Canada!!  (OK… I must really believe in this one… I just made myself cry thinking about how special it would feel to get these sorts of messages… please do come in and donate to this wonderful program, thank you!).

*     *     *     *     *

Buy beer, support Canadian athletes! Sounds so darned Canadian... 🙂

Alright, you stopped and got your Red Mittens, and left a message on a toque cut-out, on your way home you may want to swing by a shop and grab a case of Molson Canadian!  Just be sure to grab a specially marked case that features the “Give’r” campaign!  Molson will donate $5 from every “Give’r” case sold to Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes!  Plus, there is a PIN number that you can enter onto their “Give’r” contest website where you could win “The Ultimate 2010 Winter Games experience in Vancouver”!!  Sounds good, no??  Heck yes it does!


Oh, and while you’re poking around the Molson Canadian website, be sure to upload a photo of yourself to be added to their 2010 Mural Project which is being built on the side of the Molson building on Burrard Street in Vancouver!  It’s pretty darned fun (I submitted tonight, so hopefully I’ll be included!).

*     *     *     *     *

OK, that was a few of the ways that you can help out, but I know there are a lot more.  Do you know of one that you’d like everyone to know about?  Please share the information by posting up a comment!  The more the merrier!

*     *     *     *     *

One last thing, just a quick reminder about my current pin contest, you could win a Visa Mascot pin!!  Find the details here! Good luck!  Bonne chance!

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  1. Patti permalink
    November 26, 2009 2:29 am

    I’m proud to say I ordered the Molson pins last week, I bought 21 pairs of Red Mittens the day the Torch was lit in Greece, I wrote on a toque a couple of weeks ago at the Olympic Superstore and I donated $20.10 when I bought Olympic tickets online. Now if only I drank beer, I’d go buy a case of Molson. Guess I can buy it for someone else.

    My nephew and I both had our pictures taken by someone from Molson’s when we were at a Canucks play-off game last April but they were never used. Therefore, I submitted a photo through their website about 6 weeks ago and still no sign of it. I hope you get yours up on the wall but I sure haven’t been successful so far.

    On Tuesday night I was at a Volunteer event in Richmond and signed a large poster that will be going to the Canadian Athletes. I also got to meet the Mascots and get pictures taken with them but I’m still coming to sing them Happy Birthday and eat cake on Saturday. See you then.

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