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82 days to go – House of Switzerland!

November 22, 2009

I found out more information on the House of Switzerland today (actually two Houses, one in Vancouver and one in Whistler).  What’s cool about the House(s) of Switzerland is that they will be open to the public!!  Most National Houses won’t be so if you have time you’ll want to make sure you make it to one of them!  I’m mostly going to use their words for today’s post, but just click here if you want more info!

The House of Switzerland in Vancouver will be hosted at Bridges Restaurant on Granville Island.



“The House of Switzerland Canada 2010 will open its doors at both venues a full week before the Winter Olympic Games get underway – on 5 February 2010 – and will remain open to the wider public until 28 February 2010. At both venues, the House will be integrated into a successful and attractively-sited existing venue with restaurant facilities.”

“In Vancouver, the House of Switzerland will be situated in the highly popular “Bridges” restaurant on Granville Island.  In Whistler, the House of Switzerland will be set up in the trendy “Mountain Club”, centrally located in Whistler Town Plaza.


The House of Switzerland Whistler will be held at the Mountain Club on Whistler Town Plaza - it looks like a beautiful place!!


As the official guest centre of Switzerland, open to the public at large, the House of Switzerland Canada 2010 will offer its guests and partners the chance to taste, see, and feel a true sense of Switzerland, and to generally feel at home. From 5 – 28 February 2010 the House of Switzerland will be a place for people to get together to watch live coverage of the Games. It can also be used for receptions, client entertainment, media conferences, and medal celebrations.”

There isn’t really a lot of info yet on what all will be happening at the venues other than what I’ve included here, but it is definitely intriguing!  I really hope that I can get to the House in Vancouver at least (I can see it from my home so maybe… hopefully 🙂 ).

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And… of course… don’t forget to enter my contest to win an Oversized Torch Pin!!  Today is the last day to enter!  I’ll be drawing a winner Sunday evening (November 22nd) so if you haven’t already entered, just post a comment answering these questions for your chance to win!

Where was the first Winter Olympics Torch lit, by whom, and in what year?

If you’d like a clue you can find it here!

Good luck!  Bonne chance!


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