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115 days to go – Another weekend of great achievements!

October 19, 2009

Gah!  I’m looking at the news today and realizing that I didn’t mention much at all of the exciting wins that Canadian athletes had this weekend!  Bad me!  Hopefully this will make up for it!

I’ll start with Women’s Hockey.  We played the USA in Spokane on Friday and walloped them 5-2 in the second game of the six-game pre-Olympic series!  Meghan Agosta, Hayley Irwin, and Catherine Ward scored goals, as well as Caroline Ouellette who scored two!!  Way to go ladies!!  You totally rock!

115 - Womens Hockey win

Next up – it was a busy weekend in long track speed skating.  Cindy Klassen and Jeremy Wotherspoon both competed for the first time in a year.  Cindy, winner of 5 Olympic medals and Closing Ceremonies Flagbearer at Torino 2006 is back from surgery on both knees.  She qualified for the Canada World Cup team in 1,000m, 1,500m, and 3,000m distances.  Jeremy is back from a broken arm last season and is the world record holder for 500m.  He qualified for the Canada World cup team in 1,000m, but not in the 500m.  He says he hasn’t missed out on a qualification for the 500m for a long time and I suspect this will just increase his drive to succeed!  You can find the rest of the World Cup team qualifiers here on CTV’s Olympic page, and I’d like to say congratulations to Shannon Rempel, Christine Nesbitt, Kristina Groves, Jamie Gregg, Denny Morrison and Lucas Makowsky all of whom placed first in the competitions, sometimes in more than one distance!  Looks like quite the competition even amongst the Canadian team!!  It is going to be an amazing season for world competitions!

Cindy on the track

Cindy on the track

Figure skating was also on this weekend.  Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won Gold in Ice Dancing in Paris at the first Grand Prix event of the season!  And Jessica Dubé and Bryce Davison won Silver in the Pairs event!  Congratulations to all of our competitors!  What a wonderful way to start the season!

Tessa and Scott - Ice dance skaters

Tessa and Scott - Ice dance skaters

And lastly (as far as I found anyway, I may have missed something… let me know if I have!).  The Howard rink got second place at the Bern Open in Switzerland on Sunday.  They had gone into the final game undefeated, but lost 7-6 to Norway in the final end.

*     *     *     *     *

Are you collecting the Olympic and Paralympic coins that are in circulation right now?  I have previously written that Coin Collector’s Cards are available from Petro-Canada but I’ve also just learned that you can request one from the Royal Canadian Mint online!  If you’re interested click here and enter your details.  It will take 6-8 weeks for delivery.  If you would like one of the coloured Olympic Moments #1 coins I have some to share.  I will try to make sure I have some with me at the Olympic Superstore, but email me ( or comment in advance to make sure I have one with me!

*     *     *     *     *

This is a neat new contest… It’s called ‘The Best of Us” and involves Olympic athletes putting up challenges to us, the people!  Some examples… Rafael Nadal, men’s tennis #2 seed, can pick up and hold 24 tennis balls in 30 seconds and Yelena Isibayeva, world champion in women’s pole vaulting, can do 7 cartwheels in 10 seconds.  All you need to do is submit a video answering one of the challenges that the athletes have issued, or a video of a challenge you issue yourself!  Everyone that submits a video is eligible to win a trip to either the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games or the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.  If you can beat one of the Olympic athletes you may be eligible Gold, Silver or Bronze prizes.  A Gold Prize is a t-shirt signed by an Olympic athlete, an Official Vancouver 2010 video game, and a “The Best of Us” poster.  Silver is a video game and poster and Bronze is a poster.  Sounds like a wonderful competition!  Can you take on “The Best of Us” and win??

*     *     *     *     *

Speaking of contests, get your suggestions in for my ‘100 days of 2010vanfan‘ celebration by 7pm Tuesday, October 20th.  I will post up all the submissions tomorrow night and announce the winner of the Vancouver 2010 Pin Album (and of course invite everyone to the celebration!)!

Thank you merci for reading and sharing!

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  1. Elizabeth Wilkinson permalink
    October 19, 2009 11:47 pm

    Thanks Andrea,

    I loved the Best of Us challenge website! Such a cool site, competition and the videos of them doing fun silly things are terrific !

    It’s great reading your blog, love your passion for et al Olympics 😀
    x Elizabeth


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