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124 days to go – All quiet on the Vancouver 2010 front

October 10, 2009

Wow, and I thought yesterday was quiet.  Today the silence was nearly deafening.  But that’s okay, here in 2010vanfan land there’s always something to talk about.  So now class, we are going to learn about aerials skiing!  Now, I know next to nothing about aerials, other than you need skis, a jump and a helmet!  So I’m going to learn about it and pass it on to you!

Steve Omischl, member of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team

Steve Omischl, member of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team

Aerials is a variety of Freestyle Skiing (hmm… already didn’t know that).  Freestyle skiing started in the 60’s as a combination of acrobatics and skiing.  In that time of wild experimentation and free love some folks weren’t terribly inclined to follow the traditional rules of skiing!  Freestyle skiing includes not only aerials, but also mogul’s and ski cross.  Moguls were introduced to the Olympics in Albertville 1992, aerials in Lillehammer 1994 and in our Olympics, Vancouver 2010 ski cross will be held for the first time!!  (I’ll save ski cross for another day!).

Here is what Vancouver 2010 says about aerials:

“Strategically, competitors determine their inrun location based on the type of jump performed, their own freestyle technique and the current environmental conditions. Correct inrun speed is critical to successful aerial performances and athletes can choose two of many different jumps that combine back flips and twists with differing degrees of difficulty. Athletes are judged on the quality of take off, height gained, form and body position, and how they maintain balance upon landing. All competitors complete two jumps in a qualification round. The 16 aerialists with the highest total scores from the qualification round move on to the final round. In the final round, competitors complete two more jumps in reverse order from the qualification results. The aerialist with the highest combined score from the two final jumps wins.”

There will be both men’s and women’s competitions that will take part up at Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver.  And I’m sure it’s going to be wicked cool fun to watch!  I really hope I can make it up to see some of the competition!

Alright, well, it’s late, and now that I know something more about aerials I think it’s bed time.  Don’t forget to send your suggestion for how I should celebrate “100 days of 2010vanfan“!!  The prize is fabulicious!  A Vancouver 2010 Pin Album for all of your favourite pins!  Cheers!  Santé!

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