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130 days to go – Australian Winter Olympic team… and for Deidra Dionne

October 4, 2009

So, when I tried to look up the Australian Winter Olympic team tonight, the first website that comes up is a site that let’s you know how much Olympic Athlete’s earn for medals that they win.  And that’s great!  But when I try to find the same information for Canadian Athletes, I’m stumped to come up with this information.  Maybe you all could help me out.

When I search Australia, I find out that in 2010, if you win an event that is pre-approved by the Australian Olympic Committee (a World Championship, a World Cup, or another international event at a comparable stand$20,000 for gold, $13,400 for silver, $10,000 for bronze and $6,700 for 4th place.  And coaches of these athletes win bonuses too!  $5,000 for gold, $3,350 for silver, $2,500 for bronze and $1,675 for 4th.  I truly believe this is wonderful!  The only question I have is “Do Canadians receive bonuses for their medals?”.  I had heard at one point that we were considering adopting this sort of program, but when I search, I can’t find any information on it.  Do you know the answer??  Please post a comment if you do!!  (Or email me at

Deidra Dionne! - photo by Peter Dejong, Associated Press

Deidra Dionne! - photo by Peter Dejong, Associated Press

There was also sad news today.  Deidra Dionne, bronze medallist in Salt Lake City 2002 aerials, had to retire this weekend.  She has been diagnosed with a brain tumour, and while treatable, makes it too dangerous for her to attempt to compete at Vancouver 2010.  Deidra, who already has battled back from a training injury in 2005 which involved a bone graft from her hip to her neck vertebrae.  While I support your decision whole-heartedly Deidra, I hope you know how much Canadians will miss your spirit, determination, courage and smile!  Your bravery in the face of adversity is something that we should all strive for!

And now that I’m crying, I’m going to say good night, bonsoir, for tonight.  For every Olympic dream achieved, there are many more lost, and tonight is for them…

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