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132 days to go – My new Team Canada Sweater!!

October 3, 2009

I am a zombie.  And not just your regular sort of zombie, but a brain-eating, take-over-the-world sort of zombie!!  I am tired!!  And the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) section of the new Olympic Superstore is BUSY!!  Not just busy, insane really!!  I’m so pleased people like the new uniforms!

And speaking of uniforms… I bought a hand-knit, Canadian-made “full rack” zip sweater today and it frickin’ rocks!  I wasn’t exactly sure when I’d wear it, but tonight was cool, and a bit humid, and after the Lions vs. Riders game (go Lions!!) at BC Place, I went for a drink with friends, and the only seat we could get was outside.  Out comes  my lovely new sweater and I was nicely warm and comfortable!!  They have been selling very quickly, even at the $350 price mark, but they are hand-knit in Canada and not something that you can get every day.  The Olympic Superstore should be getting the machine-knit ones in soon as well, and those will be around $100 but I’m not sure if we’ll get any more hand-knit pieces in, and we’re nearly out!!

My new sweater!!

My new sweater!!

Next – the Pin of the Month in store features the Torch Relay, it is pretty cool and our Torchbearers all seem very fond of them so far!  And speaking of pins…  Thanks to on Facebook and @COLDFX2010 on Twitter for their rockin’ trivia contest for the “hockey player pin set’!!  They very, very kindly sent me a set (’cause I’m a geeky Olympics nerd and like answering their trivia questions!) and it is super cool!!  I love it.

My new ColdFX Hockey Pin Set!

My new ColdFX Hockey Pin Set!

Oh!  And hey!  I had sent a tweet about the new uniforms while I was on a break yesterday after the release, and it was printed in 24 Hours Vancouver newspaper!!  So neat!  And to think I was already excited that people had come down to visit me ’cause of it, but it’s sorta neat to be in the paper as well.  Actually, does anyone have a copy of the Friday, October 2nd 24 Hours that they can save for me?  I meant to grab one, but as I said right off the top of this post, I am a zombie and totally forgot to get myself a copy.  Sigh.  Oh, and a Metro too please!  It had the new uniforms on the cover, and I did have one of those but it got ruined by something spilling on it at the game.  Sigh again.

Thank you merci for reading!

NOTE 11am Saturday morning – I did write some of this before I went to bed last night, and it started alright, but got impossible to understand, and didn’t have photos or links, and I forgot to message that I had written.  So I have fixed it up this morning.  I apologise for being late!!   And for being a zombie.  Last night I was tired and cold and starting to get a cold.  Today I have a cold, no voice, my sweater on and some Cold-FX.  Hope I get better quick!!  Sorry again!

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