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131 days to go – Congratulations Rio & upcoming Vancouver 2010 Workforce Uniform Reveal!

October 3, 2009

Well, Friday was pretty exciting, with the vote for where the 2016 Summer Olympics will be held.  The contest was between Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid, and Rio.  And that’s the way the voting went, with Rio coming out on top, it will be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics!  It won the final vote by 66 votes to Madrid’s 32 votes!  That’s a rather ringing endorsement!  (Vancouver won over PyeonChang by only 3 votes!).  Anyhow, congrats to Rio!!

131 - Rio

And also very exciting… On Tuesday, October 13th the Vancouver 2010 Workforce Uniform is going to be unveiled!  I haven’t heard yet if I answered quickly enough to get to attend, but I do really hope that I’ll be there for the reveal!  It will be very exciting to see what all of the staff and volunteers will be wearing!  I’m not exactly sure what sorts of pieces will be included in the volunteer uniform, but I imagine that it will likely include some sort of outdoor wear – jacket, mitts and hat, and indoor wear – pants and a top.  Should be interesting!!  I’ll post up all the info after the reveal!

Just a short one again tonight.  My cold feels like it’s improving, but more sleep would certainly help me get over it more quickly.  Hope that you’re all well and happy and healthy!  Regards, santé.

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