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143 days ’til the Opening Ceremonies – BC Pavilion!!

September 21, 2009

Now that things are a bit more settled between the “BC-Canada” or as it’s worked out separate BC and Canada Pavilion‘s it is easier to say what is happening.  British Columbia and Canada have done joint pavilions for Torino 2006 and Beijing 2008 but it’s been unclear until yesterday what the plan was for Vancouver 2010.

Robson Square - before the renovations.  Photo by @Tripleman.

Robson Square - before the renovations. Photo by @Tripleman.

BC will be taking over a sizeable chunk of downtown Vancouver!!  Currently the BC Showcase occupies the eastern edge of the lower Plaza of Robson Square, and the 2010 Commerce Centre a portion of the western side.  UBC also occupies the western side of the lower plaza.  UBC’s space will be converted into the International Media Centre for unaccredited media during the games, bringing in journalists and reporters from all over the world.  The main focus of these venues are for business and media respectively, and so, not generally for public consumption.  Not to fear, there is a lot that will be open to everyone.

Still in the lower plaza – one of the stand out venues will be the GE Ice Plaza!  (I will endeavour to stop by and take a current picture sans ice tomorrow!).  The GE Ice Plaza will be a free skating rink open to the public.  It is bigger than it has been before and is chilled by GE technology, to allow ice from November to April!  It’s already a beautiful space, with new clear glass domes and nifty blue LED lights.  It will look amazing come winter!

What else will be open to the public?  Well, Robson Square will be busy!!  By what I’ve heard, BC is planning on outfitting the fourth floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery with multi-media and interactive displays about BC!  This will invite people into our beautiful gallery and to learn about our wonderful province!  There will also be shows and entertainment throughout Robson Square, including in the Georgia Street Plaza, to the north of the Vancouver Art Gallery (the countdown clock is located here!).

I think there will be a lot going on at the BC Pavilion and I’ll definitely be reporting it as I hear more concrete plans.  (Want an absolute rumour???  I’ve heard that there are at least thoughts floating around about a “zip-line” from the Courthouse along the south edge of Robson Square to the Vancouver Art Gallery on the northern edge… Sign me up, it would be wicked to zip across Robson Square!!  Just don’t hold me to the rumour 🙂 ).


CTV had a wonderful report on the 6pm news tonight about a BC athlete.  Her name is Megan Tandy and her goal is to represent Canada at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics as a competitor in Biathlon.  It sounds as if I’d better discuss biathlon one of these nights as Megan mentioned during her interview that many people expect that biathlon is a sport composed of two of the three triathlon sports (swimming, running and biking) instead of the combined winter sports of cross-country skiing and shooting.  Imagine cross-country skiing your butt off and then having to hold still enough for accurate shots at targets!  Your breathing will be enough to make this difficult, let alone the adrenlin!

Megan said during her interview that biathlon is quite foreign to Canadians, most of us don’t have much experience with it.  And, because of that it can be hard for biathletes in Canada to secure funding to help them train and compete.  But our Canadian Women’s Biathlon Team has found a wonderful way to fundraise and to generate interest in their sport.  This may not be for everyone (apparently some of their coaches are a bit less than comfortable) but the Women’s Biathlon Team has put out a calendar!!  Bold Beautiful Biathlon is a 14-month calendar (2009 + January and February 2010) that is raising money for our Women’s Biathlon Team.  Their goal is two-fold: first their “goal is to empower and women and girls by expressing the beauty of a healthy, athletic body” and second “net proceeds will go directly towards funding our expenses leading up to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games”.  These women are beautiful, brave, hard-working and driven.  It would be great if you’d give them your support!  Calendars are only $10 + shipping (hmm… just tried to order one for myself but it’s not working, I will investigate if they have any calendars left, but please donate anyway if you’d like to support the team!! That part is working!).  Megan’s comment about the calendar and why she supported doing it “It’s not about being skinny or having nail polish.”  It really is about healthy and athletic women who would like to encourage other women and girls to pursue their sport or at least their dedication to sport!

Bold Beautiful Biathlon calendar fundraiser

Bold Beautiful Biathlon calendar fundraiser


Let me know if there is an Olympic or Paralympic topic/event/athlete/anything related that you’d like to know more about and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.  If you have a friend that may be interested in reading more, please pass the address on to them!  I am always keen to hear from readers!

Thank you!  Merci!

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  1. January 26, 2010 7:41 pm

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks so much for writing so enthusiastic about our Zipline in downtown Vancouver. Its gonna be fantastic and we are all -Team Ziptrek- very excited about it. Keep yourself up-2-date with latest picts on or just follow us on twitter or facebook.

    Marc-Oliver // Ziptrek Guide


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