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146 days to go – USA House!

September 18, 2009

One of my co-workers asked today about where the USA House will be (thanks Herb!!), and though I’ve looked before I haven’t been very successful in the past.  Today, I think I may have an answer.  I say ‘may’ because I haven’t found anything to definitely confirm the location, but I have a pretty good idea based on the clues.

USA House in Beijing 2008.

USA House in Beijing 2008.

The clues?  I found an article on Sports Business Journal that talks about the United States Olympic Committee‘s USA House.  The Vancouver 2010 USA House will be split between Vancouver and Whistler.  The Whistler USA House is going to be hosted in a private mountain home with a log cabin feel.  For me, this describes half of Whistler so I am unable to be more specific as to its actual location.  Vancouver on the other hand…

Level on Seymour Street - USA House Vancouver??

Level on Seymour Street - USA House Vancouver??

The Vancouver venue of USA House is described as “located right outside of Yaletown near the city’s downtown in a contemporary apartment building. It will be on three floors.”  I can only think of one building in this ‘area’ that is currently unoccupied and fits all the descriptors, and that is Level on Seymour Street.  The other hint for me was something I noticed a few days ago while walking by (Level is on my way from home to work).  They are currently offering furnished apartments for rent where you can move in today, however, the office and retail space are being advertised for sometime around mid-2010.  I had thought it odd before, but now with the description above I think it makes a lot of sense.  I cannot think of another building on the fringe of Yaletown that is complete enough to be occupied but not so complete as it would already be rented.  Plus very few new condo buildings have put in office space recently.  So I am rather convinced that the USA House in Vancouver will be at the corner of Seymour and Nelson in downtown!

And what a place to be!!  (If I’m right) USA House will be 3 blocks from the Olympic Superstore, 4 blocks from the International Media Centre, 4-ish blocks from the Canada Line (and therefore not too far from the Olympic Village!) and in the middle of the entertainment and business sector of Vancouver!  They will be between the Granville Strip, BC Place and Canada Hockey Place (let alone everything else in the area!!).  The article also says “The first floor will feature a registration area, a Team USA store and a media work area. The second and third floors will feature open spaces where visitors can watch events and where USOC staff offices will be located. It will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.”  As well, previous USA House partners and current USOC sponsors are being invited to participate in the House including Hilton Hotels, AT&T, GM, Bank of America, Home Depot and others.  I have not heard if USA House is open to the public, and therefore I shall also make the assumption that it is not (I could certainly be wrong, and I’m sure the shop will be open to everyone).  If I hear of anything though, I’ll pass it on!

Other news – Following up from my earlier post tonight CTV is offering “catch-up” pins from their countdown set!  They have so far released “One year to go”, “speed skating” and “bobsleigh”.  If you would like ONE of these pins and are in Vancouver you can go to the CTV Studios on Burrard Street on Wednesday, September 23rd between 4:30 and 7pm (get there early as I’ve seen lines for these pins before!).  Or, if you live outside of the Greater Vancouver Regional District you can email in and try to secure your ONE pin.  However you need to be one of the first 600 people to respond to  I’m afraid I’m not sure if they’ve reached that yet, hopefully not!  Good Luck whether you’re out of town or in the line!!

CTV 1 Year to Go pin - photo by

CTV 1 Year to Go pin - photo by

CTV Speed Skating pin - photo by

CTV Speed Skating pin - photo by

CTV Bobsleigh pin - photo by

CTV Bobsleigh pin - photo by

Also, I have an update on coin collecting!  I have previously written about collecting the circulation coins that the Royal Canadian Mint has issued for Vancouver 2010, but I have new news today!  You can stop at Petro-Canada and get a card to collect your circulation coins in!  I got one today!!  Woohoo (thanks Mom and Doug for asking for me!).  They’re pretty cool actually.  A nice fold-y thing that the coins fit snuggly into so they won’t fall out.  You can get them for free at Petro-Canada by stopping by or from the Royal Canadian Mint by requesting a card here.  The list of circulation coins by date available is:

The Circulation Coin Collector Card, yours free from participating Petro-Canada stations!

The Circulation Coin Collector Card, yours free from participating Petro-Canada stations!

Petro-Canada also has Olympic glassware and individual coin-cards for sale.  Check out their website or stop by a station. I now need to dig through a lot of change to find a couple of curling, wheelchair curling and lucky loonie coins and keep my eyes open for the upcoming coins as well!  Thank goodness I have a lot of you taking care of me and helping me with my Vancouver 2010 collections (thank you all very much!!).

Well, I think that’s good for tonight.  I hope you’re feeling a bit of Olympic and Paralympic spirit!!  I know I am!!  Let me know if you know whether or not I’ve got the Vancouver home of USA House right, or if you got some CTV pins or how your coin collection is going!!

Cheers, santé!

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  1. THE MACHINE permalink
    February 20, 2010 6:53 pm

    I e-mailed you last night regarding figure skating. I summarized how I think that the Russian got ripped off. This being said, I think you are doing wonderful job in speed skating! You see, there is no bias in speed skating! It’s a “Dog Eat Dog” sport with no bias!! Like I mentioned, I am a redneck (if I was a US citizen, I would probably be from Texas or Alabama)! However, I do notice when someone jumps across the Grand Canyon versus just dancing on the other side of the Canyon! It’s like the movie “Shot Gun” with Tom Cruise- Ice gets the gold but Tom Cruise “kicks a@#” when it comes down to the battle in the end!




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