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151 days to go – Some new contests to enter!!

September 13, 2009

It was a beautiful day in Vancouver today and it was full of outdoor activities for me!  A walk in the early morning, a bike ride along the Central Valley Greenway, a walk to get groceries, some chopping of veggies for fresh salsa and then out on the deck in the setting sun for dinner… Lovely!!  Anyhow, I am working on several story lines for posting, including topics like National and Provincial Houses, the medals, the Four Host First Nations and the Integrated Security Unit.  Today though is about swag… and some of the contests you can enter to get yourself some swag (and maybe tickets to events!).

And Wow!!  There are quite a few contests to do with Vancouver 2010 out there!  I shouldn’t be surprised but I am!

First up – as I mentioned yesterday, Cold-FX has several contests on (some haven’t started yet).  You can win pin sets or tickets to events, including VIP ticket packages!!

Cold-FX pin - Joannie Rochette (photo of pin by

Cold-FX pin - Joannie Rochette (photo of pin by

Hain-Celestial Canada is an Official Supplier to Vancouver 2010.  They are supplying natural and organic food for the Villages.  They have an online contest right now.  You can enter to win the Grand Prize of a trip for two to see women’s figure skating!!  There are also 50 prizes of a Hain-Celestial Prize pack, including a tote bag and pin(s)!!

Hain-Celestial products

Hain-Celestial products

CTV and Samsung have a Roster Predictor contest on!  The ‘early bird’ prizes have already been awarded during the men’s Orientation Camp, but there are still monthly prizes and a Grand Prize of a 50″ plasma tv and a Samsung OMNIA mobile phone!  OOOOOhhhh… 50″ plasma tv!  You have to choose which players you think will make the cut for Team 2010.  Some players are worth more than others (pretty much sure bets are only 1 point, outside chances are up to 4 points).  The contestant with the most points will win!  Pretty cool contest!  (Oh, but a hint, search for the men’s Orientation Camp roster, it will help to narrow your choices from the roster available for the contest!).

CTV-Samsung Roster Predictor Grand Prize Package

CTV-Samsung Roster Predictor Grand Prize Package

Do you have an Acklands-Grainger account or are employed by a company that does??  (I’m not 😦 ).  If you are, you can enter to win a crazy huge prize from Acklands-Grainger!  It includes flights, four nights accommodation, two tickets to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies (!), tickets to another event of A-G’s choosing and $1000 spending money!  Crazy!  I really wish I worked for someone that has an account.  Sigh.

Acklands-Grainger hockey pin (photo from

Acklands-Grainger hockey pin (photo from

And how about Air Canada??  Of course they have a contest too.  You can enter here to win flights, two nights accommodation in Whistler, 3 days of Paralympic competitions, and on-ground transport!

Now, I am absolutely sure there are many more contests out there, and I’m going to try to find them for you, but I can only get so many in in one night!  And I think FIVE contests (plus the bonus – see below) is lots!!  You’ll have some typing to do to sign up.  But, if you know of a contest I haven’t mentioned yet, please comment, email ( or tweet me (@2010vanfan) (or any other method of communication you’d like to use) and I’ll be sure to post it up for everyone to learn about (and of course enter!).

Hope you all had a lovely day.  It was a pretty good one here.  Thank you!  Merci!

** Bonus **:  A non-Olympic, non-Vancouver 2010 contest – Pepsi has a contest on called Pepsi Cheer!  This is in support of Hockey Canada. You come up with the cheer, and if you’re the winner you will get a trip for two to see all of the playoff games for the IIHF World Junior Championship in Saskatoon AND at least three Men’s World Championship games in Germany!!!  Holy cats!  Enter!!  I’m working on my cheer right now! (Oh, and for those of you in Germany that can’t enter, but want to go, the Championship is May 7th – 23rd!  Go!  Have fun!  Cheer on your favourite country!!).

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  1. elspeth permalink
    September 14, 2009 9:04 am

    great blog..all those prizes!!!!!

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