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156 days to go – A proliferation of National Houses

September 8, 2009

I guess since I am technically an Olympic (and Paralympic) Games virgin, I should not be surprised about the things that I don’t know about with regards to the event.  However, I still am.  Everyday I learn something new!  I’ve previously posted about the Canadian Olympic House, Molson Canadian Hockey House, Holland Heineken House, the Jamaican Bobsleigh House, and Russia’s Sochi 2014 House, but there will be more, way more!

Bridges - soon to be the home of the House of Switzerland Vancouver
Bridges – soon to be the home of the House of Switzerland Vancouver

Switzerland is planning two!  The House of Switzerland Vancouver will be hosted in Bridges Restaurant on Granville Island, and the House of Switzerland Whistler will be hosted at the Mountain Club in Whistler!  Both Houses will offer a meeting place for world leaders, athletes, Swiss fans, journalists, international visitors and local residents can gather.  The House of Switzerland Vancouver will also be hosting the broadcasting facilities for Swiss television!

I think the German Olympic House (Deutsches Haus) will be at Simon Fraser University… can one of you German-fluent people check my link please and see if that is true and comment on this post?  I’m afraid my German is not quite adequate to be confident that I am right.  It may be that Deutsches Haus is at one of the Simon Fraser University campus buildings in downtown Vancouver, instead of the main campus in Burnaby.  That would make sense…

France will host Club de France at 21 Steps in Whistler.  The Pique News Magazine in Whistler is really on top of the National Olympic Committees setting up shop.  They’ve posted on several of the countries I’ve already mentioned and also include: Austria “Passive House” (environmentally passive) at the entrance to Lost Lake Park, Norway House at MY Millenium Place, the German Bobsleigh Team at Nicklaus North Golf Club, PRIDE House at the Pan Pacific Hotel (I am going to post more on this House at a later date, know anyone involved that would be willing to do an interview?), the Edgewater Restaurant and Lodge apparently seems to be rented to someone (not sure whom yet), and the new Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre will have various tenants including Panasonic and Bell Canada.  According to the Pique apparently Canada is also looking for a place in Whistler to set up a satellite Canadian Olympic House.  Busy busy Whistler!!

Vancouver so far seems harder to sort out.  And I’m afraid it’s getting late, and I have to be at work by 7am.  So I will be sure to bring you further National Olympic House updates as I find them (or if you know of one – comment!).

Thank you, merci!

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  1. Simon permalink
    September 9, 2009 4:03 pm

    Andrea, according to the German link you posted, the German Olympic Committee is having the Deutsche Haus in two locations. At Simon Fraser University in Downtown Vancouver near the BC Stadium, and in Whistler at the Nicholas North Golf Club. Hope that helps. Cheers, Simon.


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