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159 days until the Olympic Opening Ceremonies – An unspecific but Olympic none-the-less day…

September 6, 2009

And it just keeps getting better!!

The Mascots: Sumi, Quatchi and Miga

The Mascots: Sumi, Quatchi and Miga

I had no real idea that there are people that follow the Olympic games for their careers.  There are also people that  go to every Games as a volunteer.  I met a lovely woman today that has participated in several Olympics, starting in Atlanta, as a volunteer.  She has decided to collect a set of posters and a coin (high level circulation coin) instead of anything else.  She was considering spending more than $2000 on a real currency Royal Canadian Mint Gold Coin from the Vancouver 2010 series!  This seems slightly insane until you start adding up the pins I’ve already bought, and am likely to buy in the next several months.  (As well as corporate pins that I’m hoping to add to my collection, should any of the Vancouver 2010 sponsors be willing to talk to me.)  As well as other Vancouver 2010 things that I have bought such as shirts and jerseys.  Maybe planning carefully and choosing to only buy one thing from each Games is the smartest thing you can do.

Yes, it really is that bad.  Pins are really easy to get caught up in.  I was really excited yesterday when I got a Mukmuk pin from my account consultant at the Royal Bank of Canada (a National Partner of Vancouver 2010).  Is there any chance I can get the rest of the mascots in the Royal Bank collection?  It’s unlikely.  However, if you happen to know an RBC representative with pins, please let me know, or beg for some yourself!!  I will shower you with gracious compliments in a post if you find me interesting new pins!!  (This is true of any of the corporate, retail or National Olympic Committee pins, or pins I haven’t thought of… I’m curious about all the pins, and so far insatiable!!  Which is sort of a problem considering that there are so many pins!!!).

Seems to be hard to get - Mukmuk and RBC!

Seems to be hard to get - Mukmuk and RBC! Now for the Mascot pins!

Hockey news leads us to the Women’s USA team defeating Finland 4-0 (thanks Herb, for the play by play, sounds like it was a fun game to watch!!).  As well as the Canadian team defeating Sweden 7 – 2.  This makes Sunday’s games:  Bronze: Finland vs Sweden at 3:00pm and the Gold Medal Match Canada vs the USA at 7:30 (this is when you comment and say “yes, of course we’ll be there to cheer on the Canadian women”.  You did say that didn’t you??  Oh good.  I certainly don’t want them to feel unloved on home ground).  These women play spectacular hockey and if you want to be at the game cheering them on and don’t have tickets already, get them at Hockey Canada or at the GM Place box office.  Yes, that means now.  Scoot!!

There is a possibility that I’m wrong about free coin collector cards from Petro-Canada.  Here is what I found today Petro-Canada.  Does anyone have better information??  I’m not sure what to think.  And after a day at work where I thought I knew about the coins and discovered I really didn’t.  I wish that the Royal Canadian Mint had put out a coin guide as well.  So I suppose I’ll write and ask for one.

OK, it is very late, and I should be asleep!!  I wish you a wonderful day, bonne chance!

Thank you and merci for reading!


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