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158 days to go – Silver at the 2009 Women’s Hockey Canada Cup!

September 6, 2009

It was quite the Gold Medal Game at the 2009 Women’s Hockey Canada Cup!  It was really close throughout.  There were hits and penalties and shots aplenty!  Unfortunately for Canada the US goalie, Jessie Vetter, was on fire and made some really great stops.  Of course Kim St-Pierre, Canada’s goalie, was awesome as well but we just didn’t get the puck in their net enough times.  And it was really great to see Colleen, my brother’s friend, play.  She did a great job!! When the buzzer went the final score was the USA 2 – Canada 1.  But we’ll see them again at the Olympics and whoop them then!

Canada Scores!!  Goal by number 2 Meghan Agosta

Canada Scores!! Goal by number 2 Meghan Agosta

I had hoped to get some signatures on my new Olympic Team Canada jersey but unfortunately we didn’t have a chance.  After the game was done the Hockey Canada Cup was awarded to the USA team, and then carpets were laid out and medals were given to: Gold – USA, Silver – Canada and Bronze – Finland (who beat Sweden 1-0 earlier today).  It was getting pretty late by that point and the teams still hadn’t been off of the ice so we figured that even if the players did come out to sign jerseys it was likely going to be a wait.  So hopefully I’ll have a chance to get signatures from them either before or during the Olympics!

My stepdad, me and my mom at the game!

My stepdad, me and my mom at the game!

Jerseys?  Check!  Yup, we're ready for the Olympics!

Jerseys? Check! Yup, we're ready for the Olympics!

Other exciting news… I got a new pin today!  A really fun and great one!  It is the Cold-FX ‘action’ goalie pin.  The  goalie moves back and forth in his net!  It is so cool!  I haven’t taken a photo yet, so here is a link to the Pacific Pin Club that has a story and photo of it.  They describe it as the ‘must have’ pin.  Woohoo!!

And I’ve found out about another Olympic House, this time it is Russia’s Sochi 2014 House and it will be in Science World at Telus World of Science!  What a great location for an Olympic House!  By visiting during the Olympic and Paralympic Games you can ‘sample genuine Russian hospitality’ and get a preview of what Sochi and Russia are planning for the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.  The House will also be a ‘home-away-from-home’ for the Russian athletes and will have excellent communications systems so that athletes can talk (by video conference even) to family and friends back in Russia.  I’m definitely curious and really hope that I will get a chance to visit.  Better yet, hopefully I will be able to get an interview (stay tuned to see if that works out!).

A quick apology to those of you that checked for Day 159 this morning.  I was so good and wrote the post last night, and messaged everyone about it and somehow forgot to post it (I blame it on it being 3am :)).  But I did get it out (with some grammatical corrections), so if you missed it this morning, do take a look.  And sorry again for that.

Tomorrow is Labour Day here in Canada.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend!  Thank you and merci for reading!

#5 Colleen Sostorics - Defense

#5 Colleen Sostorics - Defense


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