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167 days to go – Mukmuk’s day in the sun!

August 28, 2009

Mukmuk is putting smiles on faces everywhere.  He is the adorably cute sidekick to the Olympic and Paralympic Mascots: Miga, Quatchi, and Sumi.  I was thinking about Mukmuk today because we’ve just got new fleece blankets in today at the Olympic Shop in the Bay Downtown.  Each blanket features one of the Mascots, or Mukmuk!  They’re super cute and I’ve already bought one as a present.

Mukmuk, the Mascot's sidekick, in his natural sub-alpine meadow habitat on Vancouver Island

Mukmuk, the Mascot's sidekick, in his natural sub-alpine meadow habitat on Vancouver Island

Mukmuk is a Vancouver Island marmot, an endangered species in British Columbia.  As such, he’s the only part of the Mascot group that is based solely on an actual existing creature instead of a blended animal and spirit or myth creature.  His name comes from the Chinook jargon word “muckamuck” meaning food (Chinook jargon was a First Nations trading language).  Mukmuk loves to eat, mostly flowers, fern and berries.  He also loves to cheer on his friends in games and races!

Mukmuk pin

Mukmuk pin

Vancouver 2010 has a bit more information on Mukmuk here or better yet, check out this little video cartoon of how Mukmuk came to the Olympics here!

Mukmuk kid's shirt

Mukmuk kid's shirt

I love all of the Mascots, but there is definitely something endearing about the little marmot Mukmuk.  Maybe it is because he is a fan of the Olympics and Paralympic, like most of us are.  He sort of represents all fans of sport.  So if you’re a fan too and would like to get kitted in some Mukmuk gear, come see me at the Olympic Shop (the Superstore is supposed to open October 1st, should be a great day), or visit Vancouver 2010 to order.

A different Mukmuk pin

A different Mukmuk pin

Thank you and merci!

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