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173 days to go – Jamaican Bobsleigh House!

August 23, 2009

There are going to be way too many places to be during the Olympics, but if you will be in Whistler anytime from February 12th – 28th you should probably make some time to stop by (all night if you have the energy) the Jamaican Bobsleigh House!

Jamaican Bobsleigh Team

Jamaican Bobsleigh Team

That’s right folks!  The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team is coming to Vancouver 2010, and they’re planning on partying big in Whistler!  They’ve got together with the folks from the Savage Beagle Lounge & Dance Club in Whistler to host a 17-day reggae-soaked party!  The party will start daily at 2pm and continue until close.  What’s the plan??  Well, the current bobsleigh team will certainly be in attendance, and excitingly, also the first Cool Runnings team!!  There is going to be Jamaican food, Jamaican beer and of course Jamaican music!  Need to get your Jamaican kit on?  They will also be selling new Jamaican Bobsleigh merchandise, including hats, shirts, and pins!

Want to actually meet the teams?  You can!  The Jamaican Bobsleigh House will be a ticketed venue, but there are still tickets for every night available!  And at different levels.  Daytime tickets are $30 + tax, nighttime tickets are $40 + tax and VIP tickets are $100 + tax.  The VIP package includes access to the VIP lounge, complimentary Red Bull, food and other swag, and the opportunity to meet Olympic-level athletes!  Sounds like a blast to me!  Maybe just maybe I’ll have a chance to go, though with work and volunteering for the Olympics and Paralympics my schedule is already starting to look a bit crowded.  If you however want to get your tickets now, you can get them here!

A few other interesting bits and bobs (minus the ‘leigh’ for this section) to add…  I’m volunteering for the 2009 America’s Cup Qualifier for wheelchair basketball this week.  The tournament is being held at the Richmond Olympic Oval and as far as I know, is open to the public!  There is going to be some pretty spectacular basketball played this week and if you come down you also have a chance to check out this gorgeous new Olympic venue!  Set up today was made particularly special as several members of the Canadian Long Track Speed Skating team were on the track practicing.  I didn’t have a chance to talk to them today, but maybe on another day (fingers crossed, how great would an interview be?!).

Also, I would like to thank YVR and GM Canada for both sending me an Olympic pin and feeding my growing addiction.  I’ve mentioned YVR in a few previous posts and will likely mention them again in the future as they’re making a great effort as an official Olympic and Paralympic Supplier (read my previous posts here and here).  GM Canada is a National Olympic and Paralympic Partner and is supplying over 4,600 vehicles for the Olympic fleet and 1,500 for the Paralympic fleet.  It is pretty wonderful that we have such supportive businesses in Canada.

I think that’s the end of bits, bobs, and bobsleighs for tonight.  Thank you and merci for reading!

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