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172 days to go – Meet the Mascots’ designers!

August 23, 2009

We’ve already met Miga, Quatchi and Sumi (I will of course be getting to their sidekick Mukmuk very soon).  Today though, is about how the Mascots came to be; it’s about the designers behind the cute creatures.  Thanks to Krystal, my co-worker at the Bay, for asking about where the Mascots came from.

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Mascots (+ sidekick)

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Mascots (+ sidekick)

The Mascots were designed by Meomi “A little design house dedicated to play, delight, and goodliness”.  Meomi is made up of Vicki Wong in Vancouver and Michael Murphy in Los Angeles.  Their art has appeared on clothing, toys and other merchandise.  They have worked for companies such as Google and Electronic Arts.  They are also the authors and illustrators of the children’s book series “Octonauts“.

Sea otter from Meomi's 2003 Endangered Animal wallpaper series

Sea otter from Meomi's 2003 Endangered Animal wallpaper series

When asked about their inspiration for the Vancouver 2010 Mascots, Vicki says that they “wanted to find creatures and spirits that were relevant to British Columbia so we did a lot of research on the stories and folklore tied to the land, the forests, the water, the mountains, and Quatchi, Sumi, Miga were three of the characters that came from these stories.”  I’d say they were pretty successful, considering they’ve blended sea, land, and air creatures, along with tradition spiritual beliefs, and of course, a hefty helping of fun!

Meomi seem to draw their inspiration from all sorts of interesting and adorable creatures.  Vicki says she likes narwhals and squirrel chatter.  Michael likes mysteries and pups wearing sweaters.  Munki (Meomi’s sidekick) likes teacups and sea shanties.  Vicki and Michael work mostly online with each other, as they live so far apart, but as you can see, this doesn’t seem to hinder their creativity!  I highly advise roaming around the Meomi website!  It’s cute and very interactive (nearly everything moves or talks when you move your cursor over it!).

Kids are really drawn to the Mascots, and I’m sure it’s obvious by now, so am I!  I think they’re a heckuva lotta fun and can’t wait to meet them in person sometime (yes, I will get photos!).  Thanks to Meomi for their fantastic imaginations and art.

Thank you and merci for reading!

PS – The Men’s Team Canada Hockey Camp starts tomorrow, I will be talking about how that goes over the next few days!

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  1. Kerstin permalink
    August 24, 2009 3:30 pm

    Love your site. Your enthusiasm is infectious, and I look forward to each instalment. Many thanks.

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