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177 days until the Opening Ceremonies – 178 days until Olympic Hockey starts!

August 18, 2009

Yesterday was busy, as you read.  The most unfortunate and terrible thing about yesterday’s busy-ness was that I had to choose – a day experiencing the new Canada Line or heading out to UBC to see the unveiling of the Olympic Team Hockey Canada jerseys.  I am sad to say that I could not do both, though I wish I could have.  Tonight though is dedicated to the new jerseys!

Team Canada 2010 Olympic Jersey in red

Team Canada 2010 Olympic Jersey in red

Somehow I missed it until today… I had seen photos of the new jerseys (like above) everywhere today.  But I had heard something about “Canadian emblems” and I didn’t know what they were talking about, because from any sort of distance, it is not obvious.

Oh!  I need to say that today I started training for my new job at The Bay in downtown Vancouver.  I will be working in the Olympic Shop until October when the new Olympic Superstore opens on the Main floor.  I have not actually started working in the store yet, this week is about learning the Bay and all the things involved with Bay service.  I will start working as a sales associate on the floor next week and think that I will excel at selling Olympic gear (this may be because I have such a hard time resisting it myself! Miga and Sumi and Quatchi Oh My!).  Alright, I just wanted to be upfront that I am now a Bay employee charged with selling Olympic merchandise.  I know however, that I would be encouraging people to go shopping no matter what (the Bay is one merchant, but there are many more, as well as, as I do love the merchandise (personal inventory to date: 8 shirts, 1 jacket, 1 shoulder bag, 1 hat, 1 luggage tag, 1 key ring, 1 passport cover, 1 pin bag, (stupid) numbers of pins… this is not counting gifts I’ve bought for others… yes, it is that bad).

OK!!  Back to Hockey jerseys (yes, I’ll likely own one of these soon as well, big enough to actually play hockey in though, so… utilitarian… right… that’s exactly why I’d buy it… 🙂 ).  “Canadian emblems”.   Why did we need to do this?  What was wrong with our previous Team Canada jerseys?  Well, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) is not fond of brand logos, and “Team Canada” for better or worse, is deemed to be a brand.  Our Maple Leaf with skater just wasn’t going to go over well this time around.

Regular Team Canada jersey

Regular Team Canada jersey

So, what has resulted, is that Stuart Iwasaki of Nike Inc. designed the jersey, with the main emblem designed by local Musqueam artist Debra Sparrow.  The design is as complex as it is subtle.  Within the Maple Leaf you will find eagle and thunderbird, moose, beaver, orca and salmon.  Maple Leaf, hockey player, fleur-de-lis, as well as Salish and other Canadian First Nations patterns.

Team Canada 2010 Olympic Hockey Jersey emblem

Team Canada 2010 Olympic Hockey Jersey emblem

I saw the jerseys in the Bay today as I was leaving after my first day of training and was instantly drawn to them.  They are really very attractive and intriguing.  I am pleased with the imagery and drawn by the subtleness.  I believe that they will be very popular jerseys.  I am personally more partial to the red jersey, but that may be because it adds to the mystère.  Plus, I have this wonderful and exciting vision in my mind of a stadium full of red jerseys, cheering Canada on to a trio of Gold medals!  Women’s, Men’s and Sledge!  You bet, our teams can do it!  Go Canada Go!

Want to get your body clad in a Team Canada jersey?  You can get them from Hockey Canada, or Bay Olympic stores.  Replica jerseys are about $135 and authentic jerseys are about $400.  Got your Olympic Hockey tickets already?  If not, the next round of tickets are available in November!  Click here for more information on tickets!

Sleep well.  Thank you and Merci!

Aside: (The link to the Salish is really informative, you may want to check it out).


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