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181 days remaining – Blog makeover! New address! And the new ped/bike bridge!

August 14, 2009

It was a very eventful day!  First off, welcome to the new home of 2010vanfan, right here at!  Things have been spiffy-ied up a bit (thanks Jonathan!), and all my previous posts have been imported here, so don’t worry if you’ve missed something, it will be here.  The new site is hopefully going to be easier for both you and me to use.  There are categories to look through if you are interested in something in particular.  There are tags and polls (I’m still figuring these out and may need a couple of days, but they’re coming).  Anyhow, I hope you like it, I am pretty excited.

Today’s event was the Official Opening of the new Pedestrian/Bike Bridge over the Fraser River between Richmond and Vancouver.  The bridge is attached to the new Canada Line bridge and has some interesting features.  It is mostly covered to protect from the weather, it has a nice grippy surface to prevent slips on wet days, it has a maximum of 8% grade so that it is easy for everyone to use!  Both Vancouver and Richmond are extending their bicycle and pedestrian routes to link this new bridge in more closely with their existing infrastructure so it should be easy to use.  I am really impressed that Translink included this pedestrian/bike bridge in with their plans for the Canada Line.  I know a lot of people worked hard to get it included and congratulations to all of them, excellent work!

The new Canada Line Bridge with pedestrian/bike bridge.
The new Canada Line Bridge with pedestrian/bike bridge.

This was the first time I was attending an event in what is sort of a media or press role, and it was quite surprising.  The press all know their business and are good at getting their shots.  I was happy to mostly observe how it all happens and to be one of the first to walk on the bridge.

Politicians (and press!) meeting mid-span
Politicians (and press!) meeting mid-span
Ribbon Cutting - Left to Right - Deputy Mayor Vancouver Geogg Meggs, Acting Mayor Richmond Ken Johnston, and Translink CEO Thomas Prendergast
Ribbon Cutting – Left to Right – Deputy Mayor Vancouver Geoff Meggs, Acting Mayor Richmond Ken Johnston, and Translink CEO Thomas Prendergast

After the ribbon cutting there was a bit of a wait as everyone was crowded on the on ramp, so the runners, walkers and bikers that were waiting for their first trip across could not take off all at once, but they did get going eventually.  There was some cake on the Richmond end, and some brochures on bike paths and safe riding.  It was all rather interesting.

I did not walk across the whole span as I was with the press group that stopped in the middle for the politicians from either side of the river to meet and shake hands on their new bridge, but I have been halfway across and it is pretty darn neat.  The SkyTrain zooms by over your head, boats putt by on the river, and the planes sound like they’re going to land right on you instead of the short distance away at YVR.  I think it will be a well used bridge.  I’m glad that I got to be there for the opening.

So if you find yourself in the neighbourhood (either really, south Vancouver or north Richmond) go and check it out!  Until tomorrow, thank you and merci!

PS – if you notice any kinks or glitches with the new site please let me know at

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