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182 days to go – Canada Line opens Monday!

August 13, 2009

It’s pretty impressive that the Canada Line will be opening three months before schedule. I have been watching online for updates on what will be happening and from the Canada Line website the info still says that the new line will be running between 1pm and 9pm for free. Starting Tuesday they will be running their regular schedule.

Oh! I’ve just found a schedule of events for the Opening Day! Hurrah! Even a map of activities, including a “Canada Line Passport” very interesting!

There are several places to get your Canada Line Passport stamped. There doesn’t seem to be an explanation yet as to what the Passport will be for, other than a neat souvenir, which I am fully in support of. However, if I hear that it is good for something else, I will let you know.

The schedule is pretty jam-packed! There are entertainers, contests, magicians and promos! I’m looking forward to the challenge of checking it all out. Translink is already warning people that it will be busy that day, with line-ups at most, if not all, stations.

I’m afraid it’s pretty late, and I’m pretty sleepy and I need to be out at the new pedestrian/bike bridge tomorrow, so tonight will be short, but there is excitement starting to brew! I hope you’re starting to feel it.

Thank you. Merci!

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