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183 days to go – 6 months until the Olympic Opening Ceremonies!

August 12, 2009
And 7 months until the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies! And it was a busy day!

For me, it started when the alarm went off, the radio came on and the News 1130 reporter came on saying that they were at the official Countdown Clock outside the Vancouver Art Gallery because today is only 6 months until the Olympics! I popped out of bed, readied myself and the dog and started walking. I didn’t want to miss the 6 month countdown event!

What did I find when I got there?

Nothing besides the Olympic and Paralympic Countdown Clocks at first. A cameraman/reporter from Citytv did show up right after me and interviewed me (I suspect I sound terrible on camera, I was on Breakfast Television this morning, but as background, not speaking, that’s okay, it was still fun!). Why was there no event for the 6 month countdown? I’m really not sure. I expected there to be one. Though, given the lack of curious people stopping by, maybe it makes sense. I suspect the biggest reason is financial. What I get from the recent reporting on comments made by John Furlong the Chief Executive of VANOC is that the last thing they expected to be battling at this point in the process was budget. And I have to agree. I know that we’re in a ‘world economic crisis’ and all, but it does seem disappointing to me that a possible countdown party may have been axed to save a few thousand dollars (that sounds glib, I have no idea how much it would cost, but it seems late in the game to cancel small events).

What is more surprising to me is that it was me and a camera man at the Countdown Clock today. Vancouver as a whole doesn’t seem to be feeling the excitement yet. I hope, that as you read my blog, you at least are feeling some excitement. We are about to host the world! We are going to have guests from all over the planet that are coming here for an event unlike any other. And I fully, firmly, and whole-heartedly believe that Vancouver can and will deliver it. “No Fun City” is a title of the past. We here in the home of sea, city, forest, mountains and sky are going to show the world what a wonderful place Vancouver is, and why we’re so lucky to live here!

Now, I will stop going on (though I am good at it, if I do say so myself) because there are a lot of other things to report. First, the pedestrian and bicycle bridge attached to the SkyTrain Canada Line bridge across the Fraser River, between Vancouver and Richmond is set to open Friday between 1 and 1:30pm. I am planning on attending the opening and hope to bring you some photos. I think it’s brilliant that foot and bicycle traffic was accommodated for while constructing the SkyTrain bridge. And don’t forget, the Canada Line opens Monday, August 17th at 1pm.

What else happened today? NBC announced that their Today Show will be hosted at Grouse Mountain. The link I just posted is NBC Today’s Six Month Countdown, including information on their Vancouver 2010 home. They seem very excited and I’m sure Grouse Mountain is also happy to have them there! If you too are stoked about Grouse getting in on the action, you may want to consider sponsoring an athlete in their Adopt An Athlete program. They are sponsoring three athletes: Georgia Simmerling – Downhill/Super G/Giant Slalom; Pat Farrell – alpine snowboarding; and Andrea Dzierwior – Para Alpine Ski – Slalom/Downhill/Super G/Super Combined. Go Canada Go!!

Andrea Dzierwior
There were some other stories today, but I think I’ve posted them all if you’re interested. I’ve got plans to visit the new pedestrian/bike bridge opening Friday, Whistler on Saturday and the Canada Line Opening Monday so I’ll be busy. I hope you all have a chance to experience something a little bit Olympics in the next few days, and if you do, enjoy it! Thank you, merci.

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