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185 days remaining – OK, I can’t wait to tell you any longer :)

August 10, 2009

On Friday I learned about some exciting news! But I have been holding off because I fully believe that all my reporting should be Canada-centric first. Though really, a lot of today’s news is Canada-centric, so I am still being a good Canadian blogger.

I learned Friday about the Richmond O Zone! The O Zone is an official Olympic Winter Games site that will be a brief walk from the new Richmond-Brighouse Canada Line Station. It is in the Minoru Civic Precinct around Richmond City Hall’s Meeting House (for those of us less familiar with Richmond (for example: me) it’s near #3 Road and Westminster Highway). The O Zone is composed of all sorts of exciting elements.

The Ice Gate – West Coast artist, Gordon Halloran, will be carving a very large ice gate (100ft long x 14ft tall), modelled on a glacial wall, at the entrance to the site. It will also include a large viewing screen and information kiosks.

Main Stage – The stage will host international and domestic headliners and will host athlete recognition ceremonies.

Ice Zone – A 35 x 35 square metre outdoor ice rink with lighting that “interacts with the skaters’ blades”. This sounds fascinating to me!

The Interactive Experience – They advertise Specdrum and Zygotes and mention an experience of light, sound and touch, the rest is mystery until you visit the O Zone.

Holland Heineken House – This, as far as I’ve been led to believe, is the ‘piece de resistance’ of Richmond’s O Zone. Holland Heineken House is the home of the Dutch team, and of the parties that the Dutch throw, and from what I’ve heard and read, some of the best parties of the Olympics for the last eight Summer and Winter Games! They are expecting somewhere around 6,000 visitors daily! It traditionally decorated in orange and sounds fascinating. If you would like to cheer for the Dutch, this sounds like the place to be!

Holland Heineken House – Torino 2006

If you would like a chance to win VIP tickets to the O Zone’s Opening Night Spectacular on 12 February 2009 click here. I’ve already signed up!

As more information is released I’ll be sure to pass it on. Hope you’re getting some rain (followed by sun!). Thank you and merci!


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