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191 days to go – International Media Centre

August 4, 2009

Last night, while reading about the two-week reading break for post-secondary institutions, I came across some information and a picture on the International Media Centre that will be hosted at UBC’s downtown campus. The campus is at Robson Square which has been under construction/renovation for a while.

The International Media Centre (IMC) will host the “unaccredited media” of the Olympics. This led me to wonder who the “unaccredited media”? Heck… who are the “accredited media”?

With help from We are the Media I have learned that accredited media are highly restricted in numbers by the International Olympic Committee and are generally chosen by each countries National Olympic Committee’s. Accredited media have access to the Main Press Centre and, some of them, to the International Broadcast Centre. In Vancouver these two venues are hosted at Canada Place and the Vancouver Convention Centre. The accredited media also have access to other Olympic venues.

The “unaccredited media”, strangely are accredited, but at a different level than the accredited media. The unaccredited media are composed of press members that exceed a countries allowed number of accredited media as well as online authors, other journalists and bloggers. Sydney 2000 was the first time an official venue was available for “unaccredited media”. The venue and facilities have been growing every year since then.

The Vancouver 2010 IMC will host more than 3000 unaccredited media. It will feature state of the art broadcasting and communications technology, sound proof interview rooms and editing suites, broadband WiFi internet access and a sky-lit ice skating rink. It will also host a variety of events and displays advertising British Columbia.

It looks like the IMC is going to be a hopping and happening place, as Robson Square should be. I am going to put in my application to be able to access the unaccredited media centre. If you’re interested in being able to report or blog you need to get your application in by November 30, 2009.

Thanks to the authors of We are the Media for their explanation. Any errors I’ve made in my much shortened version are my own.


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