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193 days – Athlete Profile: Colleen Sostorics

August 2, 2009

I’m a bit early today, but there is no internet at our motel in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island so I thought early was better than late. It’s been a beautiful sunny day here on the Island! The folks are golfing, I’m chillin‘ (maybe tasted some wine and cider here, just maybe).

Anyhow, I have begun applying for a job with the Bay, working in their Olympic Store and they sent me a questionnaire about the Olympics to fill out. We are allowed to use any method to answer the questions though for most I didn’t really need any help (yes, I’m a geek). One of the ones that has me slightly stumped though was “Name three Olympic athletes and what sport they participate in.” Sadly, I am having trouble coming up with three on my own, but the very first name that came to my mind is my brother’s friend, Colleen Sostorics, #5, and a defenseman (woman, player…) for Canada’s women’s hockey team!

Colleen was on the team for the Women’s Olympic Gold medals in both Salt Lake City 2002 and Turin 2006 (thank you wikipedia)! And if I understand correctly, is currently on the roster for 2010, though I believe the roster is still subject to change, but I think she’ll be coming to Vancouver!

Colleen was born in 1979 in Kennedy, Saskatchewan. She played hockey with the local boys team until the age of 17 then became involved in the provincial team before accepting an offer to attend the University of Calgary (where she met my brother!). She played for the national under-22 team and started with the Senior Women’s National Team in 2001 and has been helping to bring home gold since!

Congratulations Colleen! I look forward to seeing you and the team play in 2010 (we’ve got tickets to quite a few games including the Gold medal match!). And thanks for being my first athlete profile, I think it’s pretty fantastic.

I will continue to write about more of our athletes in the coming months, to inform myself and you about the fantastic, courageous and determined people that these Olympic and Paralympic Games are based on!


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