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196 – The road home

July 31, 2009

It was a fairly non-eventful day today. Really it was composed of packing, having a final visit at Stearns, saying goodbye to Melinda and getting back to Vancouver. I did mention to the boys at Stearns that all softball and baseball seems to be cancelled from London 2012, not something they expected. I also did ask David if there was anything he was looking forward to for Vancouver 2010. I am afraid the answer was along the lines of ‘not much’. He says he’ll watch if he comes across something that looks interesting but there isn’t anything he’ll actively try to see. Well, if nothing else I at least finally asked a question!! Maybe one day I’ll have something resembling journalistic skills!

I have already posted a link to the fire on Blackcomb Mountain, and will post updates as needed. So really, my only other Olympic interactions today were 1) seeing the airport station, it’s out from under wraps, but I didn’t take a photo (so much for journalistic skills) and 2) passing by the large lit Olympic rings when leaving the airport. I _did_ try to take pictures of that, but it was dark and I was in a fast moving cab, however, I did find this one quite lovely.

It reminds me of all the activity and rush that the Olympics have brought to Vancouver, and I rather like that.

Sleep well folks.

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