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195 days to go – To the island

July 31, 2009

And so hoping for one of the ferries with the Olympic wrap, as seen below. But we were on one of the older ferries, and that’s okay, it still got us where we were heading, the beautiful town of Nanaimo (or Na-na-imo which means seven pigs in Japanese). The town does not look like seven pigs! It is beautiful and seems to be growing and improving all the time!

I met Lindsay Hordal today, Jo-Anne and Wade from Kamloops’s daughter tonight and she is working with an interesting project that she has promised to email me about. So that will be another night. Today was more about being on the ferries and seeing what’s going on with them.

Really, I was surprised how little I could see the Olympic influence on BC Ferries. Some of them have the full ferry wrap, but apparently only the two new “super c-class” ferries. In the gift shop, they did have some key chains and fridge magnets, a few shirts, a couple stuffed mascots and some pins. But really, somehow not what I was expecting. I did buy this pin, seeing as I was on a ferry and all…

It’s shiny and pretty! Oh and very bad of me considering I just received my package from the Olympic Store late last night when I got home. And I was told that my Bay monthly pin club August pins are in, which also means my Olympic Store August pin will be calling soon. But at least they all have a happy home now in my pin trading bag!

We shall see what August brings, but so far it’s looking dangerous for us pin people! Hope you’re all well, good night. Thank you, Merci!

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