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197 days to go – LiveCity sites in Vancouver

July 29, 2009

I didn’t talk to anyone today about the Olympics either! I should be fired but then the blog wouldn’t get done, so I guess I won’t fire myself quite yet. We had a pretty quiet day here. Visited the Golf Club for lunch and a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was a mellow and relaxed day.

I did look for something new and interesting to tell you about today, and I came across some information on the LiveCity sites in Vancouver. I had heard tell of them a long time ago, before we went to Australia, but not much since. However, it looks like things will be picking up with the sites over the next few months.

The LiveCity sites are going to be free celebration sites in downtown. They are family-friendly and accessible. The will be hubs of entertainment and cultural activities all geared towards the events of the day. There are two sites. LiveCity Yaletown is at David Lam Park and LiveCity Downtown is going to be in a block that has been a bus storage/parking lot for years beside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. They will be connected by a walkway along Hamilton Street.

There is going to be food and beverages available, and families will be encouraged to bring small blankets to sit and enjoy the events. There will be large screens to watch the different sports. It sounds like these are going to be fascinating and exciting places to be.

I’ve been in a space similar before and it really generates a neat feeling. While we were in Perth last year, they had installed a large screen in one of the downtown plazas to broadcast the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing. It was fascinating to be walking by and get drawn towards a swimming or biking race along with all of the other people walking by. It created a great camaraderie even in a city not hosting the Olympics! I can only imagine what these sites will offer to Vancouver.

So hopefully we’ll have two beautiful venues soon. David Lam Park will be returned to park space after the Paralympics but the LiveCity Downtown site will be adjusted to remain as a legacy site in Vancouver. I’m intrigued. Can’t wait to see them!

Alright folksies, I should pack. I’m back in Vancouver tomorrow night (for about 12 hours, c’est la vie). Wish you all the best. ‘Night.


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