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199 – Vegas and memories of Olympics past

July 28, 2009

Yay, internet at Harrah’s. I had to call for help, and oddly, Brendan in Calgary helped me and I’m all set up now. All that’s left is to deal with the front desk and charges for internet that didn’t work.

Alright, Olympic time. Once again, a quite day on the news front. I did ask Brendan from Calgary about the Olympics, particularly bobsleigh, but he said he is working on getting to the Olympics for Judo, which would be London 2012, not Vancouver 2010, so that wasn’t particularly helpful. The sports bar at Harrah’s was very quiet and we talked to one of the bartender’s a lot. I had mentioned wanting to work for the Games but that was as far as that conversation went, so that wasn’t helpful either.

Hmmm… maybe some days no news is the news. It has seemed to me that there is something everyday going on with the Olympics, and maybe, when you’re in Vancouver it’s true, but not for the rest of the world. At least not outside the athletes, their families and coaches. Are there people that have never been touched by the Winter Olympics? It seems a strange thought to me, I remember watching for so long, and being so enthralled. My first entirely full memories are of Lillehammer, Norway in 1994. I would have been 16.

What do I remember??? The Canadian uniforms. They were fantastic. And the “flowers”! The small pine trees!

Myriam Bedard and her two gold medals – both are in biathlon, one for 7.5km sprint and one for 15km individual. I thought our uniforms were awesome! Still do actually!

OK – so I tried to find a picture of the smallish pine tree ‘flowers’ I remember being given out during the medal ceremonies but can’t find one! Is this because the internet was young and few pictures of the 1994 Olympics are posted?? Or do I have this messed up in my own head and this didn’t really happen? Do you remember what I’m talking about? Do you happen to know anyone that won that year that we can ask?? I’ve looked at 1992 through 2002, and I don’t think that I am making this up. Please add a comment if you can remember or help me to find anything about these beautiful pine tree ‘flowers’ that were handed out with medals. Thanks!!

Alright, off to bed. Hope everyone is well, wherever you may be. Sleep well and have happy Olympic dreams!

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