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198 – Back to Havasu and the physics of curling

July 28, 2009

Well, we survived Vegas. It seemed a near thing at times, but we made it. My aunt Melinda loves, loves, loves to gamble! I’m less good at that, but we had fun. There was also some shopping, some lovely restaurants and two shows. We saw the Jubilee Showgirls at Bally’s and Zumanity and New York – New York. Both shows were good and Zumanity really was way better than I expected somehow! I know that Cirque du Soleil always has clowns but I didn’t know how they would do it with a cabaret style show. It was spectacular! Loved it! I will definitely go see it again!

So we are back in Havasu and somehow we still have not really got to ask people their thoughts on Vancouver 2010. I am apparently a terrible journalist*. Good thing I’ve never felt that to be a career calling! I did ask Melinda what she wanted to know about the Olympics and I discovered that she used to curl! Oddly, I had already been looking up the physics of curling, so today, that’s what I’m blogging about, because really, curling is screwed up! And conveniently, today’s announcement from VANOC was that the curling schedule is out! So if you’re interested, get your tickets today!

Anyhow… as for the physics of curling, it’s really complicated!!! And I would try to explain it all but I think I would be really confusing. So I’m going to link to a UNBC prof, Mark Shegelski, that has explained the curl in a curling stone. All I know is that physics says if you spin something counterclockwise it should go right, but in curling, the rock doesn’t. How does it work?? Check out the above link!!

Anywho… I should go to bed. But I hope you all have a chance to read about the complex and intriguing world of stones curling on ice (forward friction = more melting = more sliding = me really confused, damn physics anyway!). Wish you all the best of nights (mornings?). Sleep well. Talk to you for 197 days!

* Melinda believes this to be wrong and should be stricken from the record, and I’d be beaten if I didn’t include this. She thinks I’m doing a wonderful job. I would like to actually improve at this “asking questions and getting answers” thing. We’ll see how it goes. I appreciate the moral support however!

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