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203 – From Lake Havasu City

July 24, 2009

Gah!! I had most of a post written and then somehow my browser got shut down and I lost it all!!!. And it’s dark and hard to see the keyboard! The world is set against me!!

OK. so I’ll try, ’cause I’m not giving up that easily!

Anyhow… I’m in Arizona, and it’s hot here. Damn hot. And it’s not just hot here it’s HOT! (Though slightly cloudy today, so less bad than yesterday). However, I am enjoying it, but it does make it hard to think about the “Winter” Olympics!

I was surprised to find out that so far, people here know little about the upcoming Olympics in Vancouver! Some guys I met at Stearns Pub (great place, everyone should visit!!) were very concerned about women’s softball being removed from the Olympics (reading up tonight, softball and baseball, men’s and women’s, will not be played as part of the London 2012 Games! I had better mention that to the Stearns’ boys). However, closer to home, no one knew about the Women’s ski jumping. So what are people looking to get out of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Paralympics???

Photo from CTV

I am going to try to answer that over the next few days. I will bring my notebook and talk to people as I visit Lake Havasu City and Las Vegas and let you know what I learn. Do people care more about hockey or curling? Downhill skiing or free-style?? Do they have any idea that the Olympics start in February? Are they planning on going? Know people going? Want to avoid it?

What is the feeling down here in Arizona and Nevada?? I don’t know, but I plan on finding out, and hopefully spreading some Olympic spirit!!!

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  1. justmemom permalink
    July 24, 2009 7:39 am

    Glad to see that travel does not adversely affect your blog! 45 degrees – oh my gosh! Hug my sister for us and ask her to hug you back.

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