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205 Days to go – Pins! Pins! Pins!

July 21, 2009

Gah! I am apparently really behind the times when it comes to Olympic pins! I stopped by the Bay today (I really should stop doing that) and discovered that they started a monthly pin club!! And I had missed the first two (again!) but luckily the fabulous and wonderfully helpful sales girl, Nini, found the second one for me, but I missed MukMuk, the first pin. Here is the ones I got today, the monthly pin on the left and Sumi on the right. I got Sumi because I realised I didn’t have one of Sumi yet.

I also learned that there is an Olympic pin collecting group called Olympin. And there is a BC group Pacific Pin Club. And more surprisingly they’re holding the 2009 Olympin Collectors Club Show at the Richmond Olympic Oval from August 7th to August 9th. I am not entirely clear what happens other than you can get a table, I’m assuming to display their pins, but I can’t find registration for people that just want to peruse what’s going on.

I saw a new Teck pin today. I have one of the Teck Cominco pins but now that they’ve changed names there are new ones! There are so many sponsor pins out there. I’ve seen Wonderbread ones even! With three upc codes plus $2 per pin they have five different pins available to mail in for (anyone eat Wonderbread and want to get me some?). There are Government of Canada pins, BC Government pins, probably City of Vancouver pins (haven’t seen those yet), and sponsors galore. The guys providing trailers (Britco) have pins (they’re pretty cute, trailer shaped!), the guys providing metal detectors, and Coca-Cola all have pins! Everyone has pins!

So, I guess today I learned I had better set myself some sort of criteria for my pin collection or else I will make myself crazy (and very poor) trying to get all of them. I think I’m realizing it would be entirely impossible. Anyone have suggestions on a theme for my collection??

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  1. July 3, 2010 2:58 am

    Haha, I had a similar predicament. My only choice was Ebay, being half a world away and I realised quickly that I needed to stick with certain sets or get poor and disorganised rather quickly.
    I only ened up with a few, but I chose carefully and love them all.
    I wonder how many you ended up with!
    I’m still reading through your entries, really loving them!

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